Ashwagandha Benefits For Men

Looking to boost your overall health and wellness as a man? Discover the numerous ashwagandha benefits for men, including improved stress levels, testosterone levels, and muscle growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb with primary uses of managing stress
  • Research has shown specific benefits for men taking ashwagandha, relating to increased testosterone levels, sperm count and sperm motility
  • More research is needed on ashwagandha at higher doses and over a longer time period

What Is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is a traditional Ayurvedic herb. It has been used for centuries but more recently studied in scientific literature.

The main uses for ashwagandha include modulating the stress response and promoting restful sleep. Ashwagandha is considered an adaptogen, which means it assists the body in adapting to outside stressors.

There are some specific benefits for women taking ashwagandha, such as possible improved sexual health and satisfaction, decrease in menopause symptoms and regulation of hormones by way of decreasing cortisol.

However, most of the literature has focused on male benefits of ashwagandha. Let’s take a look at some of the areas of research below.

Ashwagandha Benefits For Men

Boosts Testosterone Levels

Some studies show that ashwagandha can boost serum testosterone levels in men.

Ashwagandha powder at 5 grams per day over the course of 12 weeks in infertile males showed a significant increase in testosterone levels as well as a significant increase in luteinizing hormone levels. Low luteinizing hormone levels can contribute to low sperm count in men.

There also was a significant decrease in follicle-stimulating hormone levels, which were elevated at baseline. High follicle-stimulating hormone levels in males can contribute to infertility.

Another study using ashwagandha at 5 grams per day for three months showed an increase in testosterone and luteinizing hormone. There was also a significant decrease in follicle-stimulating hormone.

There were no side effects reported on the high ashwagandha dose in the study.

Increases Sexual Pleasure

Since we learned above that ashwagandha increases testosterone levels, by way of increasing these levels, men might also find an increased sex drive.

Testosterone regulates sex drive and works in the production of sperm.

By increasing testosterone if it’s low, an indirect sex drive increase could also occur. 

Improves Sperm Count And Quality

A few studies have shown an improvement in sperm count, quality and motility.

A high dose of ashwagandha powder at 5 grams per day over 12 weeks was provided to men with normal sperm count, low sperm count and decreased sperm motility.

They found that in all groups, there was a significant increase in sperm count compared to the baseline values.

Also, sperm motility was significantly increased at the end of the study when compared to baseline values.

Another study looked at semen quality in stress-related male infertility.

They had 4 groups, a control group with fertile men, and then intervention groups:

  • one group was normal sperm but infertile
  • normal sperm but infertile and smoked cigarettes
  • normal sperm but infertile
  • were experiencing stress

They again provided a high dose of ashwagandha powder, 5 grams per day for three months and the researchers monitored their liver function monthly.

Results showed that sperm concentration rose significantly by 17%, 20% and 36% respectively in the intervention groups listed above.

Lastly, a study looked at sperm activity in males with low sperm counts. They provided a dose of 675 milligrams per day for 90 days.

The results showed a large significant increase of 167% in sperm count for males with low sperm count. There was a 53% increase in semen volume and a 57% increase in sperm motility.

Even though the above studies used 5 grams of powder, this study shows that the same results may be able to be obtained with a lower ashwagandha dose and in pill form.

Improves Muscle Mass And Strength

There is some evidence that ashwagandha may impact muscle and strength in men.

Fifty-seven males ages 18-50 were randomized into two groups: a placebo group and a treatment group in which 600mg ashwagandha was taken daily for 8 weeks. The researchers provided a resistance training program.

Both groups saw a significant increase in muscle strength and size in the lower and upper body, which researchers expected after following a training program.

However, there were statistically significant increases in muscle strength and size in the ashwagandha group compared to the placebo group.

They also saw body fat percentage decline in both groups, though a significantly greater reduction in the ashwagandha group.

Lastly, a study was done on subjects that were recreationally active men from ages 18-45 years old. They were either provided with 500mg of ashwagandha or a placebo for 12 weeks, and baseline values were taken.

The researchers found a significant increase in 1 repetition maximum back squat and bench press in the ashwagandha group.

They also saw a statistically significant difference in the ashwagandha group compared to the placebo group on a 7.5 kilometer cycling time trial.

Ashwagandha Root and Powder

General Benefits Of Ashwagandha

Below are some general benefits of ashwagandha for both men and women that have been studied in the literature. 

Supports Cognitive Function And Memory

A small study looked at cognitive and psychomotor performance in healthy individuals. They were given 500 mg ashwagandha for 14 days, and baseline tests were completed, and then performed again at the end of the 14 days.

They saw a significant improvement in some tests including reaction time and card sorting tests.

Fifty adults with mild cognitive impairment were given 600 mg ashwagandha for 8 weeks.

Compared to the placebo group, the ashwagandha group showed improvements in immediate and general memory, as well as an improvement in executive function, processing speed and sustained attention.

Improves Sleep

A meta-analysis reviewed the available data on sleep and ashwagandha. It included 5 trials and 400 participants. 

The results found a significant improvement in sleep, with the improvement being the most prominent in those diagnosed with insomnia.

Some of the trials used doses of less than 600 mg per day and some used doses of more than 600 mg per day, and both showed improvements in sleep.

The same also went for the study duration. Some of the studies were 8 weeks or less and some were more than 8 weeks, with a maximum of 12 weeks. They both showed improvement in sleep.

Another endpoint the researchers looked at was mental alertness on rising. They saw a significant improvement in this endpoint in the ashwagandha group.

This means that ashwagandha can not only improve sleep in general but also improve sleep quality to feel more well-rested upon waking.

Lastly, one study looked at not only sleep quality, but the onset of sleep latency, which means the time to fall asleep. The results showed that 300 mg of ashwagandha improved sleep onset latency in those with insomnia.

Decrease Stress And Cortisol Levels

Modulating the stress response is one of the main functions the adaptogen ashwagandha is used for.

An 8-week randomized control trial was completed with 58 participants. There were three groups: 

  • a 250 mg ashwagandha group
  • a 600 mg ashwagandha group
  • a placebo group

The primary endpoints were perceived stress and serum cortisol levels.

Both intervention groups, those taking ashwagandha, show significant decreases in perceived stress compared to baseline.

There was a significant decrease in serum cortisol levels compared to the placebo, though the effect was greater in the group that was taking 600 mg ashwagandha compared to the placebo as opposed to the 250 mg group.


FAQs: Ashwagandha For Men

Are There Negative Side Effects?

Some general, uncommon side effects of ashwagandha are upset stomach, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

There don’t appear to be any side effects specifically affecting men, though if a consumer has any hormonal imbalances or hormone-related cancers, it is advised against taking ashwagandha until speaking with a medical provider.

Can Ashwagandha Cause Weight Gain In Men?

There is no evidence that ashwagandha can cause weight gain for men.

As the study discussed above, we saw that there could be a significant increase in muscle strength meaning that it is possible that men can gain muscle mass, not fat mass.

The study showed a significant decrease in body fat percentage in both groups, though higher in the ashwagandha group, suggesting that more studies could be done to see if ashwagandha plus a resistance training program can help with fat loss.

Can Ashwagandha Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

There was one small study that looked to see if Ashwagandha over the course of 60 days improved psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

Their results showed that there was no difference between the ashwagandha and the placebo group, meaning that it is not currently shown to be effective for psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

How Much Ashwagandha To Take Per Day for Men?

The ashwagandha dose for both men and women seems to be around 240-600 milligrams per day to obtain benefits.

Interestingly, some of the studies reviewed above on ashwagandha for male fertility and testosterone levels were very high, with up to 5 grams of powder per day.

Other studies reviewed also show that benefits can be obtained at lower doses around 500-600 milligrams.

Starting at the lowest dose needed for benefits is always recommended, and speaking to a doctor before starting any supplement regimen is important.

What Time Of Day Should Men Take Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha does not need to be taken at any specific time of day.

Taking ashwagandha in the morning could help if there is a particularly stressful day ahead as it reduces cortisol levels.

Taking the supplement at night could also be beneficial, as it can improve sleep quality and time to fall asleep.

There is no evidence that men should take the ashwagandha immediately before the gym to see an increase in muscle mass and strength. 

Also, it could take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks for ashwagandha to start working in the body.

The two-week mark could be a good place to assess how consumers had felt before taking ashwagandha to now.

Some users could consider keeping a journal before and during supplementing with ashwagandha to see how it has affected their well-being.

Holding supergreen tonik

Green Powders And Ashwagandha

Besides taking a pill form of ashwagandha, green powder blends like Supergreen Tonik contains ashwagandha as well.

Not only will you be getting the powerful adaptogen, but Supergreen Tonik also contains vitamins, minerals, a greens blend, an immunity blend, along with a Nootropic blend.

The combination of all of these together can help support immunity, brain function, and improve energy levels.

Supergreen Tonics’ Nootropic blend includes the ashwagandha. It also contains Rhodiola root extract and root powder.

Rhodiola is an adaptogen used in traditional herbal medicine and can help reduce anxiety while providing a bit of an energy boost as well.

Taking the two together in a greens powder may be able to help provide consumers with a calming, yet stable energy throughout the day.

One thing that reviewers love about Supergreen Tonik is that they do not include proprietary blends in their product.

A proprietary blend hides the exact amount of each component in the blend, so consumers will not know exactly how much of each component they are taking.

Supergreen Tonik has 500 milligrams of ashwagandha per serving, which is in line with the scientific dose to see benefits.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few studies showing the benefit of ashwagandha for men, though more research is needed on different doses, and studies done over a longer time period. 

While green powder should not be a substitute for a healthy diet, it is one way to provide ashwagandha and other vitamins and minerals. 

Always speak with your own doctor or registered dietitian before starting any supplement regimen like ashwagandha or green powders, as the components in them may interact with prescription medications or health conditions.

If trying to conceive with a partner, speak with you and your partner’s fertility doctor before starting any herbal supplements like ashwagandha.

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