Beetroot Benefits For Women

It's easy to overlook beetroot as boring. But did you know it has a unique selection of health benefits specifically for women? That's right, this humble root vegetable can improve everything from your hair to your heart, and much more in between. Read on to find out beetroots benefits for women.

Key Takeaways

  • Beetroot is a nutrient dense root vegetable with many health benefits for women.
  • It has unique advantages for women’s health as it can boost hair, libido, weight loss and more.
  • An easy way to make sure you get enough beetroot every day is to take Red Tonik – a high quality superfoods blend.

What Is Beetroot?

Beetroot is a root vegetable whose leafy greens are just as nutritious as the rest.

It is a highly beneficial and unique veg that has recently become popular due to a wealth of evidence exposing its special health benefits.

Beetroot originated in the middle east but is usually incorporated into northern European recipes.

It can be enjoyed raw, roasted, juiced, and fermented. And several health supplements now include beetroot powder due to its health-enhancing properties.

You can also try growing beetroot at home – as it grows well throughout the year, even in colder climates.

Hands of a Woman Holding Dried Beetroot Chips

What Are The Health Benefits Of Beetroot For Women?

Beetroot has a host of health benefits whether you are male or female.

This is because it contains many nutrients that many people lack due to busy, stressful lives. But beetroot is especially unique because it contains nitrates.

And unlike the nitrates in bacon – the nitrates in beetroot have a lot going for them.

Because when they are ingested, they convert into nitric oxide in the body. This is responsible for many of the health benefits that beetroot offers.

But, there are some specific benefits of beetroot that females can enjoy.

Read on to find out what they are.

1. It Can Make Your Hair Stronger

Nobody wants to deal with weak, brittle hair that easily breaks. But the good news is that dietary changes can make a difference regarding stronger and healthier hair.

This is why many hair and beauty supplements focus on particular nutrients which have been shown to improve the health of your hair.

Some vegetables have promise in this regard, and beetroot is one of them.

Beetroot can strengthen your hair follicles. And strong follicles are needed to encourage healthy hair growth.

Having healthy hair follicles reduces your risk of hair fall, so there’s less chance of breakage and weakness.

Beetroot also contains nutrients that are specifically able to enhance hair health. These include Potassium, Vitamin A, and Iron.

If you become deficient in these types of nutrients, you can experience less than healthy hair.

And many women are low in vitamins and minerals due to heavy periods, diets, and over-exercising.

2. It Can Boost Your Sex Drive

Having a low libido can be tough. And yet many women experience this. It can be due to stress, diet, health issues, aging, or a combination of factors.

But don’t despair – there are ways to revive your sex drive naturally.

Just as beetroot can encourage blood flow to the penis, therefore, helping with erectile dysfunction, it can also help with blood flow to the clitoris.

Better blood flow to the clitoris = increased libido.

But that’s not all, as beetroot is also high in boron. This nutrient has been shown to enhance sex drive by increasing the level of sex hormones you have.

And additionally, beetroot is high in nutrients such as Iron and Vitamin C. It can be hard to feel in the mood if you are nutrient deficient.

This is because you will likely have less energy and an impaired immune system.

So eating nutrient-dense foods such as beetroot can really help you to get your mojo back.

Greens Powder Suitable For Pregnancy

3. It May Improve Your Fertility

Struggles with fertility can affect 1 in 7 couples. So if you are thinking about starting a family it can be a good idea to do all you can to boost your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

And taking more beetroot can be a good place to start because beetroot can improve your sex drive, which is an important part of conception.

But beetroot also has some other fertility-boosting tricks up its sleeve.

Because it appears that beetroot can increase a woman’s level of reproductive hormones – leading to an increased chance of conception success.

But it’s not just getting pregnant that matters – it’s also key to minimizing your chance of pregnancy loss-something nobody wants to experience.

Studies show that beetroot may reduce your risk of miscarriage by maintaining your hormone levels during pregnancy.

And beetroot can also encourage blood flow to the uterus – which is needed for healthy fetal development.

Furthermore, beetroot also provides you with folate – a nutrient that is key for your baby’s development but may also reduce your miscarriage risk.

4. It Can Help You With Weight Loss

Beetroot is a good source of fiber – which helps you to stay fuller for longer and can stop you from reaching for the biscuits at regular intervals.

It also provides you with energy without spiking your sugar levels – again, this benefits your metabolic health.

Beetroot also helps you to increase your sporting performance – meaning you can burn more energy each time you work out.

Beetroot does this by increasing blood and oxygen delivery to tired muscles – helping you to move more for longer.

Beetroot also contains the magical mineral magnesium, which can increase testosterone levels.

And in turn, testosterone is capable of increasing your muscle mass, therefore positively modifying your body shape.

5. It Can Boost Your Energy Levels

Being a woman is tough – you’re expected to juggle a busy career with household demands and caring responsibilities.

And often, it’s easy to get burnt out.

One thing which can really help you with your energy levels as a woman is to stay topped up with nutrients such as Iron.

Because Iron is needed for healthy red blood cells, your body requires to transport oxygen around the body.

And so when you’re running low, you can experience fatigue, inability to exercise, and anemia.

Many women fall short of the recommended iron intake due to avoiding red meat or regular dieting. And if you have heavy periods, the risk of low iron levels is even higher.

But, beetroot provides you with a good source of plant-based iron. This can help you to handle the challenges of the day better.

Helpfully beetroot also contains Vitamin C, which can increase your absorption of iron – so finding both nutrients in the same place is a bonus.

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How Can You Get More Beetroot Into Your Diet?

You might be the type of woman who loves to make fresh juice every morning – in which case, combining beetroot with ginger and a little apple is a good way to get your daily dose.

Or, you might be the type of woman who (like me) can’t face cleaning out the juicer every day.

If this is true for you, then you have other options. You could roast up a tray of beetroot, drizzle in olive oil – and top it with goat’s cheese for a tasty dinner.

You could even get super creative and whip up a batch of beetroot brownies – google it, it’s really a thing.

But, if all of this sounds like too much hard work, then you can consider making life easier for yourself.

Because let’s face it, many of us live super busy lives, and it’s not always realistic to spend your Sunday’s food prepping for the entire week.

You could therefore choose to take a superfood blend featuring beetroot powder.

Because beetroot powder contains many of the benefits of beetroot, just in a more concentrated and easy-to-use format.

And many superfood blends which contain beetroot also offer a whole host of other benefits.

Take Red Tonik, for example.

Here you can find a daily dose of beetroot alongside ginger, cordyceps, tart cherry, pomegranate, and more. 

So you can get more for your money when you choose one holistic superfood blend instead of investing in multiple different supplements at once

And you can address multiple health concerns at once with this combination of nutrients and superfoods, including:

  • Better sleep
  • Improved cognition
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Reduced inflammation
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Plus, Red Tonik is free from undesirable contaminants, such as glyphosate and heavy metals – as it undergoes rigorous third-party testing and comes with full transparency labeling for your peace of mind.

This means you can enjoy your supplement knowing you are just getting the ingredients you want, including the highly beneficial beetroot.

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