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Category Nutrition

When To Take Spirulina?

Best Time To Take Spirulina
You may have heard about the impressive health benefits and nutrition profile of spirulina, did some research on a reputable brand, and spoke to your doctor to find out if it is something you could start including in your diet. You might be wondering, when should I take spirulina, morning or night? Keep reading to see if the time of day you take spirulina will impact its effects.

How Much Spirulina To Take Per Day?

Spirulina powder in wooden spoon
Spirulina is a popular “superfood” seen online, on television, or in stores. After learning about what spirulina is and what some benefits are, you might be wondering how much to take per day. Keep reading to find out what the research says about how much spirulina to take per day.

Vitamin D vs D3: Differences Explained

Vitamin D vs D3
In an effort to boost vitamin D without increasing the risks associated with damaging UV rays, supplemental vitamin D sales have taken off. In these products, you may notice this ingredient labeled vitamin D3. But what is the difference? Is vitamin D the same as vitamin D3?

L-Theanine Dose For Anxiety

Healthy green tea matcha latte with soy
L-theanine is an amino acid found in green and black tea and some mushrooms. It is said to reduce stress, improve sleep and even help to treat anxiety! In this article we delve in to some of the research examining the effects of L-theanine on anxiety and how much of it we need to take to experience benefits.

Spirulina Powder Benefits

Spirulina powder in a bowl
Spriulina - you know what it is, you have seen it in stores and online. Now you might be wondering, what are the health benefits of this blue spirulina powder? Keep reading to go through some of the evidence based research on spirulina and its possible health benefits.

What Is Spirulina?

scoop of spirulina
Have you ever heard of spirulina before? Maybe you have seen it online, in the health foods store, or at a smoothie shop. What’s it all about? Is it good for me? Where does it come from? Keep reading to find out more about the bright-colored supplement and see where you could include it in your diet.

Ashwagandha and Weight Loss

Ashwagandha and Weight Loss
Ashwagandha is a traditional Indian herb with several potential health benefits. This popular adaptogen is usually associated with reducing stress and improving the quality of sleep. Here, we examine the connection between Ashwagandha and weight loss.