Cordyceps Side Effects

Cordyceps mushrooms are a superfood with a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. However, it can cause side effects in some individuals.

Key Takeaways

  • Cordyceps are a type of adaptogenic mushroom that provide physical and mental health benefits.
  • Cordyceps mushrooms may interact with some medications and worsen certain conditions.
  • The best way to add adaptogenic mushrooms to your diet is by taking them in a powder supplement.

Cordyceps mushrooms have gained popularity in recent years and for good reasons.

These magic mushrooms provide many health benefits, from improved immune function and energy levels to reduced anxiety and depression symptoms.

However, cordyceps mushrooms are not for everyone.

This article covers the potential cordyceps side effects and how to incorporate them into your diet safely.

What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

Cordyceps are a type of medicinal mushroom.

They are a rich source of vitamins and nutrients that can balance cholesterol, reduce sodium levels, support digestive health, strengthen immune function, and even help fight against cancer. (Source)

Moreover, cordyceps mushrooms have adaptogenic properties.

Adaptogens are herbs or other plant-based substances that help our bodies cope with stress. They keep stress levels low during rest and help the body return to normal after a stressful situation. (Source)

In other words, adaptogenic mushrooms like cordyceps can help you recover from stress more quickly and handle stress more efficiently. This result is less overwhelming and increased resilience, leading to a better quality of life.

Overall, cordyceps mushrooms’ medicinal and adaptogenic properties can benefit your physical and mental health.

Fresh Cordyceps

Benefits Of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps mushrooms provide a range of physical and mental benefits.

They are one of the best mushrooms for depression and anxiety. They have been shown to lower stress levels, enhance mental clarity, and even improve cardiovascular health.

Additional benefits of cordyceps mushrooms may include:

  • Improved mood
  • Reduced brain fog
  • Improved memory
  • Balanced cortisol levels at resting rate
  • Lowered stress levels during mentally and physically demanding tasks
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Improved energy levels 
  • Reduced inflammation, which may be linked to depression (Source)

Side Effects Of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Generally speaking, all functional mushrooms are well-tolerated when consumed as food and in supplement form. Cordyceps mushrooms in particular are safe when taken in doses up to six grams. (Source)

Cordyceps mushrooms are also low in oxalates, an antinutrient that triggers inflammation and decreases the body’s nutrient absorption.

That being said, cordyceps mushrooms are not for everyone. They can cause allergic reactions and interfere with certain medications.

Here are four potential cordyceps mushroom side effects.

1. It May Cause Hypoglycemia

Cordyceps mushrooms have hypoglycemic properties, which means it has the ability to lower your blood sugar or glucose levels.

For example, one study showed that cordyceps mushrooms lowered blood sugar levels in rats with diabetes. (Source)

While this can be great for some people, cordyceps may drop blood sugar to dangerously low levels when taking blood pressure medications.

Due to this, it is best to check in with a health professional before taking cordyceps mushrooms if you take blood pressure medications.

2. It May Cause GI Symptoms

Cordyceps mushrooms may cause gastrointestinal symptoms in some people.

GI symptoms include digestive discomfort, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and vomiting.

However, these symptoms generally only occur when taking high doses.

3. It May Interfere With Blood Clotting

Some research shows that cordyceps mushrooms may hinder the body’s ability to clot blood.

While this antiplatelet effect is beneficial in some circumstances, it can decrease the effectiveness of blood clotting medications.

Due to this, it is best to check in with a health professional before trying cordyceps mushrooms if you take blood thinners.

4. It May Exacerbate Autoimmune Conditions

One of the main benefits of cordyceps mushrooms is their ability to support immune function.

However, this support can be counterproductive for people with certain autoimmune conditions. This is because autoimmune disorders cause the immune system to go into overdrive.

Therefore, stimulating the immune system with cordyceps mushrooms may worsen certain conditions.

Who Should Not Take Cordyceps Mushrooms for Risk of Side Effects?

Cordyceps mushrooms are generally safe to consume and have few side effects.

However, you should consult a healthcare professional before trying a cordyceps mushroom supplement if you:

  • Take blood pressure medication or blood thinners
  • Are you allergic to mushrooms
  • Have an autoimmune disorder

You should also consult your doctor before trying cordyceps mushrooms if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because the effects of cordyceps on pregnancy and breastfeeding are relatively unexplored.

The best way to avoid side effects is by taking cordyceps mushrooms in a normal dose.

If you’re wondering how much cordyceps per day, health experts recommend taking no more than 1400 mg daily

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Final Thoughts: Is Cordyceps Safe?

For most people, cordyceps mushrooms are safe to consume as food and a supplement. Adding cordyceps into your diet can support immune function and enhance mental health, helping you to feel your best inside and out.

The best way to add cordyceps mushrooms to your diet is by taking a cordyceps-based powder supplement.

We recommend finding a supplement that contains at least one gram of cordyceps mushroom extract. A cordyceps supplement should be third-party tested, offer ingredient transparency, and have great reviews.

Products with additional ingredients that enhance or complement the effects of cordyceps mushrooms are a plus.

This is why we recommend our Red Tonik supplement as your number-one source of cordyceps mushrooms.

Red Tonik is an adaptogen powder that combines 13 evidence-backed superfoods clinically shown to support mental health, enhance energy levels, reduce inflammation, and improve cardiovascular health.

Every serving of Red Tonik contains one gram of cordyceps mushrooms and a blend of beneficial ingredients like turmeric, ginger root, berries, cherries, and grape seed extract

It is third-party tested, made in the USA, and vegan-friendly, making it safe and suitable for any diet. Red Tonik contains everything you need to encourage healing from the inside out.

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