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Greens Powder Vs Vegetables

Most people don’t eat enough vegetables every day. Greens powder can help with that. But should you replace whole foods with powdered greens supplements? Discover the ultimate showdown between greens powder vs vegetables.

Key Takeaways

  • Real vegetables are preferred but sometimes hard to consume daily
  • Powdered greens are rich in vitamins/minerals beneficial to health
  • Greens powders not substitue for healthy diet

Doctors, nurses, and moms agree that you must eat vegetables. So what do authorities not agree on? How to get more of them onto our plates?

Most people could stand to improve their diets with more vegetables, but either they don’t have time or cannot make an effort. A good quality greens powder can help with that.

But should you replace whole foods with powders? Or use them to supplement here and there to ensure you’re getting enough veggies and fruits in your diet?

Let’s discuss the difference between greens powder and vegetables to see which will give you the best of what you need.

What Are Green Powders?

Powders made from greens are dietary supplements. They help you get the recommended daily allowance of veggies conveniently and easily. Usually, you mix them in water or add them to other liquids to create smoothies.

You can find formulas that complement a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. You can also find products advertising organic or non-GMO ingredients.

A super greens powder contains various dried and crushed vegetables that are sometimes mixed with fruits and other “superfoods.” Many contain copious amounts of vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, and B12.

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Benefits Of Greens Powder Vs Vegetables


The benefits of green powders and real veggies lie in an abundance of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and phytochemicals. These compounds contain formulas that may protect you from illness and disease. They also keep you healthy and energized. Most of these products and whole foods have antioxidants as well. (Source)

Most dietitians and nutritionists will tell you that eating dark green, leafy, and raw vegetables gives you more nutritional punch than cooking them. Therefore, it should be no surprise that those same food experts prefer the whole food variety to powder form.

However, it must be noted that greens powder contains dried, crushed veggies that were never cooked. So in some circles, they could be considered a better alternative to cooked veggies.

Nevertheless, most professionals will suggest that greens powder is an excellent choice when you can’t find a particular item in your supermarket or aren’t able to eat fresh options.

This is because although whole foods naturally contain more of whatever nutrient you need, more and more greens powders come packed with plenty of nutritional power too. They do inevitably lose some of that punch during processing, but this is why they should always be seen as a supplement rather than a replacement.

Are Powdered Greens As Good As Fresh?

When it comes to natural, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, there are no substitutes. Real vegetables have just about everything you need, and plenty of it. When properly washed and prepared, they contain vitamins, minerals, and helpful carbs like fiber.

Unfortunately, sometimes greens powder is a bit low in the fiber department, although more manufacturers are adding fiber to correct that.

Vegetables also create pleasure by tasting good, feeling good to crunch between your teeth, or by adding a natural sweetness to the joy of eating. They’re also a water source and help us feel full and satisfied rather than hungry. Finally, they promote a feeling of warmth and goodness that we get from tasty foods and meals.

When you eat vegetables in their whole state, they naturally provide a well-rounded, complete mix of essential vitamins, nutrients, and plant-based minerals that take on different roles in your body.

For example, they attend to your stomach to improve digestion, your muscles to improve strength, your bowels to keep you regular, or your brain to improve cognition. Altogether, they benefit your health and well-being. (Source)

So why do you need powdered greens if fresh greens are better?

A greens supplement may close the gap in your diet when you run low on fruits and veggies. Maybe you can’t find a particular superfood at your local supermarket. Or you want to eat more tomatoes but can’t get past the taste.

On the other hand, you might be traveling a lot lately. Maybe your schedule is crazy hectic these days, and you don’t have time to create meals from scratch.

A diet low in fruits and vegetables benefits from an easy, convenient, healthy greens powder. You can take powders with you to work or on the road. Mix them with water or your favorite juice. And you get to enjoy a more balanced meal than you otherwise would. It’s a win-win situation.

Not everyone has the time, resources, or food prep skills to get at least ten servings of fruits and vegetables daily. If you do, then a greens supplement doesn’t make much sense. However, if you’re like most people and occasionally need a boost in your daily allowance, get a good greens powder to see you through.

Double-check with your doctor, nutritionist, or dietitian before changing your diet or adding supplements. They might devise easier ways to eat more whole veggies and point you toward a quality manufacturer for a healthy supplement.

How Many Veggies Should You Eat Daily In Addition To Greens Powder?

Fresh Green Juice and Veggies

Generally speaking, federal guidelines recommend that adults consume around two to three cups of vegetables every day. This varies according to age and gender.

A recent study showed that only one out of ten adults do just that. In fact, only six percent of adults in West Virginia and 12 percent of adults in Alaska ate the veggies they needed daily. (Source)

The news was especially bad for men, young adults, and those living in undervalued neighborhoods where fresh vegetables were hard to come by or too expensive. And while greens powder won’t solve that particular problem, it can help people who might not otherwise have a viable veggie option.

Final Thoughts

It shouldn’t necessarily be about greens powder vs. vegetables. They aren’t replacements for each other or even competitors. Instead, they work together.

Clearly, vegetables are the preferred choice. However, when you can’t get whole, raw vegetables or are too busy to eat them, a quality greens powder can ensure your body gets what it needs.

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