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How To Make Greens Powder Taste Good

Green powders are becoming increasingly popular. Have you heard about the benefits but still unsure about how the taste will be? There are plenty of ways to mix supergreens powder to make them taste good. We look at how you can make your greens powder taste good with some options for everyone

Key Takeaways

  • Start with a good quality green powder. Often they can be tasty with just ice water.
  • Green powders can be made into fruit smoothies or protein shakes.
  • Adding green powders to savory dishes can give your breakfast, lunch or dinner an extra boost of vitamins and minerals.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to mix super greens powder to make them taste good.

This article aims to go over several ways to incorporate a greens powder into your daily diet without having to worry about the taste.

Why Can Green Powders Be A Good Option?

Let’s face it, some people out there just are not the biggest fan of green vegetables.

Maybe you are traveling and do not have access to as many fresh fruits or vegetables as you would like and you’re missing out on those extra vitamins and minerals you usually are able to consume in your diet.

It is very well known in the research that green vegetables provide enormous health benefits.

A meta-analysis looked at green leafy vegetable intake and the incidence of cardiovascular disease. They found that green leafy vegetables can decrease cardiovascular disease risk by up to 15.8%. (Source)

Our diet is one of the biggest modifiable risk factors that we are able to control to promote long-term health.

Only 10% of nearly 295,000 Americans met the daily recommended intake of vegetables per the CDC. The recommendation is 2-3 servings of vegetables per day or one at each meal. (Source)

While green powders are not a substitute for a healthy diet or meeting the 2-3 servings of vegetables per day, they can help close nutritional gaps in the diet by providing vitamins and minerals from green vegetables and even fruits.

They often include other components such as adaptogens like rhodiola, ashwagandha, immune support blends, or pre and probiotics that can provide added benefits along with vitamins.

Woman holding green juice

What Do Green Powders Taste Like? 

Some consumers may say green powder tastes bitter, grassy or even a little bit like dirt.

Hold on – don’t let that deter you yet! Some green powders like Supergreen Tonik come in mint or berry flavors to help with the taste.

Natural sugar substitutes like stevia are often added to green powders, assisting in flavoring.

Therefore, one of the ways consumers do prefer to drink Supergreen Tonik is to simply mix it well with 12-14 ounces of ice water. Blend or mix thoroughly to ensure there are no clumps in the drink.

To begin with, choosing a good, quality green powder is essential.

Making sure the green powder is stored properly in an airtight container, and used within three months of opening can assure maximum freshness and flavor to avoid any off-taste or spoilage.

Seven Ways To Make Green Powders Taste Even Better 

Still struggling to think about what to mix greens powder with?

Below are seven more suggestions on how to make not only the best green drink, but ways to enhance savory meals, too.

1. Smoothies

Using green powder for smoothies is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get in your daily dose of green powder, especially if you are not a fan of it in just ice water. 

Check out some Supergreen Tonik and fruit smoothie recipes for some more ideas. You can use the berry or mint flavor for this!

You can mix and match your favorite fruits, along with regular or plant-based milk, with green powders to make a refreshing, nutrient-packed smoothie.

Try adding some plain greek yoghurt into the smoothie to make it more filling and to protein and probiotics.

2. Make A Protein Shake

Speaking of protein, green powders can be mixed well with protein powder to give you a post-workout recovery and muscle-building drink. 

Try your favorite vanilla protein powder with your favorite green powder shaken up in a blender bottle then poured over ice.

Another way to make a green powder protein shake is to use the smoothie idea above, add your fruits, green powder, and a scoop of your favorite protein powder and blend.

3. Mix With Other Beverages

Green Powder with Lemonade Iced Tea

Lemonade, iced tea, cranberry juice – there are lots of options!

Combining the green powder with something with strong flavor can help mask the green, grassy taste. 

Try to choose a beverage low in sugar, such as a diet lemonade or diet cranberry juice, as the leading source of added sugar in American diets is from sugar-sweetened beverages. The American Heart Association recommends strict guidelines of no more than six to nine grams of added sugar per day – that’s about 100-150 calories per day. (Source)

You could also mix it with warm tea, milk or plant-based milk, or no sugar-added coconut water.

4. Mix Into Salad Dressing Or Make Your Own

Mixing green powder into a salad dressing is a way to give your salad an extra boost. Using your favorite store-bought salad dressing, mix in the green powder well.

Also, making a homemade salad dressing using greens powder could be a great idea too. Make a green goddess salad dressing even greener by adding your favorite super green powder to the mix. (Source)

Vegetables in salad + vegetables in green goddess dressing + super greens powder in the dressing = a nutrient-packed lunch or dinner meal!

5. Mix Into A Savory Casserole

Casseroles are a great way to add in super greens powder to hide the taste if that is what you are looking for.

They can be mixed into breakfast casseroles, such as a quiche or egg bake with potatoes. The eggs will likely turn a green color, but don’t let that deter you from trying it!

Green powders can be mixed into casseroles like this cheesy chicken and broccoli casserole. (Source)

Once you try adding a scoop of green powders to a casserole recipe and love it, add a couple of servings of the green powders to the recipe.

Try one scoop for every two servings, that way you are able to get the benefits of the green powder in every serving.

6. Make Into A Vegetable Dip Or Spread On Sandwiches

Make a vegetable dip even healthier by adding green powder into the base. This can be used as a snack during the workday or brought to a get-together with friends as an appetizer.

Try a greek yogurt vegetable dip, and instead of using dried parsley and basil, or if you don’t have that on hand, mix in the greens powder for a tasty dip. Another suggestion is to add in a ranch seasoning packet for a super green, ranch-flavored dip! (Source)

The dip doesn’t have to be limited to vegetables either, pita chips or tortilla chips could be a great option.

Substituting the super green enhanced vegetable dip for mayo or sauces on sandwiches could be a great way to add super greens in a tasty way to your meal.

7. Combine A Scoop Or Two Into Soups And Sauces

What better way to give soups and sauces an extra nutrition boost?

Add a scoop or two of green powder to a soup like broccoli cheddar, lentil or tomato.

The best kind of soups to mix green powder into are going to be ones with stronger flavors and creamier bases – think lentil – instead of a broth based soup. That would likely be the best way to hide the flavor.

Tomato sauce already contains lycopene, a natural carotenoid found in tomatoes studied for its health benefits. (Source)

Adding a scoop or two of greens powder to the sauce once it’s done cooking can hide the flavor of the super greens powder and boost the sauce with added vitamins and minerals.

FAQ: How To Make Super Green Powders Taste Better 


What Can You Mix With Super Greens Powder?

Just about anything you want!

A good quality green powder, with or without flavor or stevia added, can be mixed directly with ice water for a refreshing drink. 

Truly the best way that you can drink greens is going to be the way that fits best into your lifestyle. 

How Can You Hide The Taste?

If you still aren’t a fan of the taste, there are a few tips to hide the taste of super greens powder. 

Blending greens powder into a fruit smoothie along with protein powder is one way. The protein powder and fruit often have strong flavors, masking the grassy taste of the green powder. Even a flavored green powder would work in something like this as well.

Mixing the green powder into something with strong flavors would hide the taste pretty well.

A few examples are soups, sauces, casseroles or salad dressings. A more neutral-flavored green powder would work in savory dishes as opposed to a flavored green powder.

Are Green Powders Worth Taking?

There definitely are benefits to taking greens powders.

Green powders can provide vitamins and minerals in the diet, for less than a grande cup of coffee from Starbucks per day.

The cost can range from less than a dollar to a little over three dollars per day, depending on the brand and what the green powder provides.

We know they are not a substitute for fruits and vegetables, but they might be worth it for other reasons besides the vitamin and mineral content.

Some reported benefits of green powders are increased energy, improved recovery time, improved immune system, and better sleep.

What Are Some Other Ingredients In Green Powders Besides Green Vegetables?

Pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, adaptogens and even fruit powders can be in green powders.

Taking Supergreen Tonik green powder for an example, the Nootropic Blend contains Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, Rhodiola, Bacopa Leaf and Bacopa Herb extract, along with Ginkgo Leaf Powder.

You can find the exact concentration in milligrams of each ingredient right on the nutrition facts label.

L-Theanine can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote good sleep. It’s found in green and black tea and some mushrooms. (Source)

Bacopa is similar to ashwagandha as they are both used in Ayurvedic medicine. It is said to have antioxidant properties and boost brain function. (Source)

What Should I Look For in a Good Quality Green Powder?

Supplements using proprietary blends

First, you will want to ensure the greens powder is third-party tested. This means another company comes out and tests the supplement for quality, and that it includes what it says it does on the packaging.

Another thing to look out for is proprietary blends. It’s not to say that consumers should not take a supplement that contains proprietary blends, but in most cases, it won’t be as clear as to the consumer what the concentration of each individual ingredient is.

Checking out reviews of what other consumers are saying can be another way to look for a quality green powder.

How Much Green Powder Should I Consume Per Day?

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for serving size.

Oftentimes, the product will already include a scoop that is precisely the right size for that greens powder brand.

Serving sizes can range from about 7-12 grams in one scoop. Some green powders can be two scoops for one serving.

All green powders are not made equal so each brand recommendation should be followed closely. Taking too much of a good thing might not always be the answer.

Can Everyone Consume Green Powders?

Talking to your physician before adding any nutrition supplement to your diet is very important and should not be looked over.

For example, Vitamin K in green vegetables like Kale can interact with medications that thin the blood for certain medical conditions.


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Green powders do not have to be mixed with just water, there are endless ways to add them to your daily routine.

Didn’t see your favorite way of what to mix super greens powder with?

Shoot us a comment below to help other consumers of Supergreen Tonik find new and creative ways to drink their favorite green powder.

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