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Our Team

Adam Wright (CEO, Founder)

First Class Honors. BSc Sports Science, Brighton University. UK.

A competitive Triathlete when he was younger, Adam became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and still suffers the symptoms today.

Although unable to compete in long-distance running and triathlons anymore, Adam spent years studying sports physiology and nutrition at Brighton University under prominent physiologists and coaches of the day.

Disillusioned with many supplement brands available today, he created a brand he takes every day to support his health and well-being.

Alex (Ecommerce Manager & Operations)

Bachelor’s Degree in Management at Faculty of Economic Sciences, “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu.

Alex, a Management School graduate with experience building and managing two e-commerce businesses as well as working for other companies, controls all online operations and maintains the company’s brand on all digital properties at Human Tonik; monitors daily sales and inventories, generates reports, and translates the company’s initiatives into actual results.

He enjoys reading, traveling, and gardening, which helps him revitalize both his body and mind.

Harry Facey (Content Creator)

First Class Honors. BA Creative Media Practice. Bath Spa University, UK.

Always interested in video and marketing, Harry pursued this at university to achieve his degree before starting his company HF Video, which specializes in creating media for businesses.

Harry has always been interested in fitness and nutrition, so when he met Adam, he was also pleased to meet a greens supplement that worked!

Now he and his company work for Human Tonik, crafting content for the website and social media platforms.

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