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Possible Supergreens vs Supergreen Tonik

Welcome to another battle amongst green powder supplements: Possible Supergreens vs Supergreen Tonik. Green powder supplements have gained popularity since they are an easy and convenient way to get all the necessary nutrients the body needs to stay healthy. 


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Possible Supergreens
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Each day, fewer people manage to get their daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. The problem is that a reduced intake of fruits and vegetables can lead to nutrient deficiency and an increased risk of chronic illnesses. (Source)

While green powder supplements can be a powerful ally to get all the essential vitamins and minerals, it all depends on the formulation. With so many options available, it can be easy to get lost in all the marketing and choose a supplement that may not be the best quality.

Today, we are going to compare Possible Supergreens and Supergreen Tonik. Two powerful green powder supplements that may help improve health and wellness. We will compare their ingredients, taste, customer reviews, and pricing to help you select the best.

What Is Possible Supergreens?

Possible Supergreens Pouch

First, we are going to start with a small Possible Supergreens review.

Possible Supergreens is a blend of superfoods made with 23 different ingredients, including a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. The formula is USDA organic certified, vegan, gluten-free, made with non-GMO ingredients, and dairy-free.

The company behind this green powder supplement is Possible. Its main approach is to improve performance and vitality by using natural ingredients studied by its founder, Dr. Royal Lee.

Thanks to its special blend of ingredients, Possible Supergreens may provide the following health benefits:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Improved recovery
  • Better gut health

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of Possible Supergreens is that it is made with proprietary blends. This means that the formula doesn’t state how much of each ingredient they use.

The problem with proprietary blends is that it is easy to mask cheap ingredients to increase the serving size. Most of which won’t have a great impact on your health, as other high-quality ingredients would.

In addition, with proprietary blends, we don’t know if the ingredients are clinically dosed. And, no matter if they are organic ingredients, if they don’t come in the correct doses, they may not provide the intended benefits.

What Is Supergreen Tonik?

Supergreen Tonik jar
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Supergreen Tonik is a green powder supplement created with 38 high-quality ingredients. The company behind the product is Human Tonik. Its founder, Adam Wright, decided to create the supplement to help control his chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms in a natural way.

The product is third-party tested to guarantee its safety and purity, and it’s also made in the US. Additionally, the formula is vegan-friendly and made with all-natural ingredients.

The company is also risk-free. This means that it offers a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the product, you can ask for a refund. Just make sure to check their policies to see how to apply.

Its 38 high-quality ingredients may provide the following health benefits:

  • Improved energy levels
  • Better gut health and digestion
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Better cognitive function
  • Decreased stress levels and improved sleep

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of Supergreen Tonik is its fully transparent label. Unlike Possible Supergreens, you know which ingredients you are getting and at what doses. This makes it easier to determine if the ingredients come in clinically proven doses (which they do).

Nutritional Comparison

Understanding their nutritional information and ingredients can help you make the decision between Possible Supergreens and Supergreen Tonik.

Here is a head-to-head comparison between them:

FeaturePossible SupergreensSupergreen Tonik 
Serving size13 grams11.5 grams
Number of servings3030
Carbs12 grams6 grams
Fiber<1 gram2 grams
Protein<1 gram3 grams
IngredientsApple extract, strawberry fruit punch, peach powder, pineapple fruit powder, broccoli, kale, spinach, sweet potato, chia seed powder, matcha powder, buckwheat juice powder, kelp, blue spirulina extract, alfalfa juice powder, beet root, spirulina powder, Brussels sprouts, barley, kidney bean juice powder, pea vine juice powder, moringa powder, turmeric powder, Monk fruit extract

*All organic ingredients
All Organic Green Blend: spirulina (2,000 mg), collard greens (2,000 mg), spinach leaf (1,000 mg), barley grass powder  (1,000 mg), chlorella (1,000 mg), and horseradish tree leaf (500 mg)

Nootropics: ashwagandha (500 mg), Rhodiola (300 mg), L-theanine (250 mg), ginkgo leaf powder (240 mg), and bacopa herb extract (150 mg)

Immune-boosting: dandelion leaf (500 mg), garlic bulb (250 mg), olive leaf extract (250 mg), and black pepper fruit extract (24 mg)

Vitamins and minerals: vitamin A (14%), vitamin C (111%), vitamin D (100%), vitamin E (65%), vitamin K (42%), thiamin (167%), riboflavin (154%), niacin (125%), folate (83%), vitamin B12 (417%), vitamin B6 (118%), biotin (1,000%), pantothenic acid (200%), calcium (11%), zinc (136%), selenium (91%), iron (61%), copper (222%), magnesium (87%), sodium (3%), and potassium (3%).

There is a big difference between Possible Supergreens and Supergreen Tonik regarding its calories, macros, and ingredients.

Possible Supergreens contains more calories than Supergreen Tonik (+10 calories), double the carbs, and a lot less fiber.

The formula’s high carb content is due to its high fruit content. While this is not a bad thing, it raises the question of whether it really is a green powder supplement or a fruit powder.

Another big difference between Possible Supergreens and Supergreen Tonik is that most of the ingredients in the Possible Super Green’s formula are mostly vegetables and fruits, with the occasional starchy vegetable (sweet potato), algae (spirulina), and healthy fat (chia seeds).

However, when looking at the Supergreen Tonik formula, not only does it contain a green powder blend, but it also contains powerful adaptogens and immune-boosting ingredients. That is why Supergreen Tonik may help improve cognitive function, boost energy levels, and reduce stress.

Taste And Mixability

Most green powder supplements have an earthy taste, making them unappealing. The problem is that if you dread drinking your green powder every morning, it is very likely you are going to leave the jar accumulating dust.

And, not only are you going to waste your waste, but most of the benefits you get from green powder supplements are seen through consistency.

That is why companies work very hard to create appealing beverages when it comes to green powder supplements.

However, a big difference between both green powder supplements is that Possible Supergreens only comes in one flavor, while Supergreen Tonik offers two.

Possible Supergreens

Possible Supergreens doesn’t have a particular flavor. It is a mix of all the vegetables and fruits it contains in the formula. That is why some people would describe the taste as “earthy” with a slightly fruity flavor.

While most people seem to enjoy it, others are not so keen on the taste of vegetables. Still, the supplement pairs nicely with fruit juices or other beverages to help mask its taste.

Regarding its mixability, it seems to mix well in beverages and it doesn’t result in a grainy texture.

Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik has two flavors for you to choose from: mint or berry. The mint option is ideal for those who want a refreshing beverage, while the berry taste is ideal for those who have a sweet tooth.

The company offers the possibility to buy in bulk (which we are going to discuss in the next section), and you can mix and match the flavors.

It also seems to have good mixability, and most people seem to enjoy the beverage.

Robert Supergreen Tonik testimonial
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Price And Value

Another difference between Possible Supergreens and Supergreen Tonik is its pricing. While Supergreen Tonik is slightly more expensive, keep in mind that it offers an extended money-back guarantee, more ingredients, and a fully transparent label.

Possible Supergreens

Possible Supergreens only have two pricing options to offer: a one-time purchase or subscription savings.

One bag of Possible Supergreens costs $62.50 ($2.08 per serving). But if you enter their subscription savings, you can save 10%, meaning each bag costs $56.25 ($1.88 per serving).

Supergreen Tonik

While Supergreen Tonik doesn’t have subscription savings, it does offer bulk savings. So, you won’t have to worry about when is the next charge of your susbcription or the need to cancel it.

Here is the pricing list of Supergreen Tonik depending on how many tubs you purchase:

  • A one-month supply (one tub): $87 per tub ($2.85 per serving)
  • Three-month supply (three tubs): $75.67 per tub ($2.52 per serving)
  • Six-month supply (six tubs): $62.83 per tub ($2.09 per serving)

Besides bulk savings, the company also offers bundle savings. You can get Supergreen Tonik along any of the other products offered by the company at a special price.

Customer Reviews And Testimonials

Reading customer reviews is the best way to know about a supplement without actually having tried it. Here, you can read what people are saying regarding its taste, mixability, benefits, and possible side effects.

Let’s take a closer look at what people are saying regarding these popular green powder supplements.

Possible Supergreens

Most reviews on the Possible Super Green’s website are positive. It has an average 4.6-star rating. However, there aren’t many reviews to read since there are currently only 13 reviews on the website.

Still, people seem pleased with the supplement. The only complaint is regarding its taste since it may result in an “earthy” beverage.

Here are some comments people left regarding the supplement.

“I tried mixing this with water. The taste was pretty much as expected – very “green” with mild fruit flavor. It is very good when added to a green smoothie!”


“This dissolves well, tastes great and doesn’t hurt my stomach . Works well on its own or mixed with standard process shakes or other smoothies or choice!”


“I am nearing the first month of taking Possible SuperGreens and I am enjoying it. I have not used supergreens before, so I was not sure if I would like the taste. I think it tastes great! It is sweetened from the organic fruit extracts. My kids enjoy it as well.”


Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik also seems to have very positive reviews. From athletes to moms and dads, several people stand by Supergreen Tonik.

Overall, people seem to enjoy its taste, mixability, and the health benefits they can see after taking the supplement for a couple of days.

Let’s take a look at the comments left by some users.

“I’ve been taking SuperGreen TONIK for over a year and it is by far the best supplement that I have ever tried. I’m full of energy and mental clarity. I regularly gift it to family and friends. Health = Wealth.”


“It taste so refreshing and good! I tried it with cold water it really brings out the crisp flavor so much more. I literally look forward to it every day and have to talk myself out of drinking it too early, SGT for the win!”


“I enjoy the minty taste and after 2 months can really feel the difference. I don’t miss a day of my green tonik!”


Final Words

Mixing Supergreen Tonik
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We’ve reached the end of the article, and it’s time to decide which is the best option. While Possible Supergreens is a good green powder supplement, its high carb content means it has a lot of fruit in its formula.

In the end, this leaves the question of whether it is a green powder or fruit supplement.

So, if you are looking for better Possible Supergreens alternatives, there is no better option than Supergreen Tonik.

Its fully transparent label, incredible flavor, and cost-effective pricing makes it the best option if you want to increase your nutrient intake and overall health and wellness. The best part is that the company offers a 365-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

Brenda Peralta

Brenda Peralta is an experienced Registered Dietitian (RDN) and Certified Diabetes Education (CDE). She is a freelance health and nutrition writer based in San Jose, Costa Rica. She has several certifications in sports nutrition, women’s health hormones, and gut health. 

She enjoys teaching her clients how to achieve sustainable results, all through nutritional education. 

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