Our Story

It All Started With A Sip Of Greens…

Human Tonik started when our founder, Adam Wright, was desperate to find super greens supplement to help him.

Adam is a long-time sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and wanted to ensure he received all the essential nutrients to help him combat daily fatigue and brain fog.

The search for the ultimate greens blend ended up with him creating his formula alongside one of the top USA Nutritional manufacturers.

Adam holding a tub of Supergreen Tonik

The result was Supergreen Tonik, a supplement that is much more than a multivitamin – It’s a multi-nutrient green food to cover your nutrient bases!

The result of a relentless pursuit to find a daily greens supplement that ticked all the boxes.

Our premium grade Super Greens blend is 100% transparent with FULL INGREDIENT LABELLING – We’re not hiding the ingredients in a “proprietary blend.”

We want you to know EXACTLY “WHAT and How Much” you’re taking, and more importantly, WHY you should take it.

You can see why we believe our formula is the real deal!

Not everyone is into reading long brand stories, so check out our video (please watch as the guys had me running uphill many, many times)

Supergreen Tonik Story

Our Mission Statement

We aim to provide ethical, transparent supplements that work and improve the lives of our customers. We strive to excel with our customer service and, where possible, to “over-deliver” on our promises.

We will do this by providing real value and helping people’s lives and health. We aim to develop a long-standing ethical company.

Our Commitment and Promise

We appreciate that in business these days, talk is cheap and that it’s all about taking action.

We’re committed to creating the best super greens available by striving to continually develop our product from newly available research and feedback from our most valued resource, you, the customer.

Human Tonik is not a one-off set and forgot product, but one that we will continually strive to improve upon time after time.

Only by doing this can we ensure we deliver on our promise of producing the ultimate premium-grade super greens on the market today and tomorrow.

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Money-back guarantee!Experience the difference or it's on us

Try our Tonik's for up to 365 days and see how you feel. If you don't love your results, we'll get your money back. ( See our full shipping and returns policy )

We rarely get refund requests, so out of curiosity we will probably just ask why ;)

1 year money-back guarantee