1 Supergreen Tonik (Berry) + 1 Red Tonik

Rated 4.8 out of 5

Scientifically designed to be your complete solution for all your essential vitamins, minerals, and other proven nutrients for day-to-day and longer-term health.

Packed with a potent blend of nutrient-rich superfoods, our Greens and Reds Powder Bundle is designed to provide you with all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients your body needs to thrive.

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"Massive energy boost 20 mins after taking it. Me and the Mrs love it! SupergreenTonik + Red Tonik = 🚀"Simon Jones, UK

Greens and Reds – Feel Better, Live More!

Experience the ultimate way to start your day and keep your energy up no matter what!

Just two scoops together or separately daily of natural, plant-based ingredients to fulfill your daily nutrition needs.

Supergreen Tonik

Supergreen Tonik Greens

Rated 4.7 out of 5

Evidenced-based greens powder engineered for a healthier, more optimized body & mind

38 plant-based superfoods, adaptogens, and nutrients for better energy, immunity, focus, and overall health.

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Red tonik tub

Red Tonik

Rated 5 out of 5

Better blood flow and heart vitality for all-day energy and cardiovascular health

Powerful blend of beets, superfoods and berries to improve your blood flow and heart health for better energy and longer-term cardiovascular health.

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Just Three Scoops Daily For Proven Results

Just two scoops together or separately daily of natural, plant-based ingredients to fulfill your daily nutrition needs.

We blend premium raw ingredients in the minimum dosages your body needs to absorb and benefit from them.

Third-party tested to ensure no GMOs, preservatives, herbicides or pesticides. No artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Join our thousands of customers and Elevate Your Health Today!

Rated 4.7 out of 5
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365-day Money-back Guarantee

Mixing Human Tonik greens

Casey Willax: Professional Snowboarder & Surfer

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Have you got questions? We've got you covered

What is the difference between the Green and Red Tonik's?

The reds are designed for cardiovascular health/performance and provide a fantastic dose of antioxidants. The beets and berries inside Red Tonik formula help with heart health, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation in the body.

Our greens supplement has powdered greens and adaptogens, as well as brain nutrients for improving concentration and longer-term brain health, alongside proven immune ingredients.

When should I take the Green and Red Tonik's?

We developed the reds to be an excellent choice for combining with the greens, or they can simply be taken separately throughout the day.

You can stack both Reds and Greens together at the same time. Alternatively you can take our greens in the morning and reds in the afternoon. Or, if you're fasting then you take them both during your feeding window..

Can I mix the Green and Red Tonik's?

It is possible to mix both the greens and reds powder to consume at the sametime. The taste will depend on the flavor of the Supergreen Tonik used. The best combination would be to mix the berry Supergreen Tonik with the Red Tonik.

Thousands of Happy Healthy Customers

Greens and reds combo!

I have been a customer of the greens this year and thought about trying the Reds. Human toniks greens and reds combo is the perfect daily drinks. I drink greens first thing in the morning and then the reds in the afternoon. Sometimes I mix the two but prefer taking them separately. The reds tastes amazing!

- Matthew

High Quality Products

It cost more than most other supplements but seems to have higher quality ingredients when compared to most other supplements. I don’t mind paying a little more for a better product. Customer service is great.

- Ron

Dano testimonial

Good Stuff!

I’ve been taking Red Tonic for two weeks now. From the taste alone I can tell – this is good for me… and I do trust my taste buds to tell what is good for me and what isn’t. Starting to feel more energetic and focused, more endurance when I exercise. Would definitely recommend it!

- Dano

Red and greens everyday!

I started with greens and was soon hooked. When human tonik introduced the reds I gave them a try too and now take both. Combining both in the shaker is okay but prefer to take the greens in the morning to get my nutrients in, then the reds in the afternoon for that energy boost.

- Kimberly

Helen testimonial

Supergreen gives me a daily boost

As a mum of two young kids it can be a struggle some days, supergreen gives me a daily boost. I was surprised by the added benefit of better sleep too! I now take my green tonik every day without fail!

- Helen

Transparent ingredients!

Love that I can read whats inside this green juice, main reason I ignored many of the others. The ingredients are a good mix of greens, adaptogens, superfoods. Feedback wise, would love to see travel packets though as carrying the tub is not the most convenient.

- Suzanne

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