Organifi Red Juice vs Red Tonik

Red powder supplements can boost your antioxidant intake, helping reduce inflammation and the risk of chronic illness. Here, we will compare two popular options: Organifi Red Juice vs Red Tonik. We’ll go over the benefits, ingredients, taste, and pricing.


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While they might not be as popular as green powder supplements, red powder supplements are a powerhouse when it comes to antioxidant content.

Antioxidants help reduce the damage of free radicals, which are unstable molecules that cause damage to the DNA and cells, increasing the risk of chronic illnesses, premature aging, and impaired cognitive function.

Fruits and vegetables with a red pigment are especially high in antioxidants, making them the best option to add if you want to help reduce inflammation.

However, not everyone has an adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables. And those who do, don’t add enough variety in their products, meaning they get the same nutrients each time.

Red powder supplements combine ingredients to boost nutrient intake and improve overall wellness.

Two popular red powder supplements are Organifi Reds vs Red Tonik. Both come from popular brands with high-quality ingredients.

But if you need to pick one, which one should you take home?

In this article, you’ll find thorough research on the two to compare them side-by-side and determine the best.

What Is Red Tonik?

Red Tonik front with badges
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Red Tonik is a red powder supplement with 13 high-quality ingredients.

While it might not have as many ingredients as other formulas (some have 20 to 30 ingredients), these are carefully chosen to provide exactly what you need.

You get different high-antioxidant red-colored fruits, turmeric, and Cordyceps in the formula.

One of the advantages of Red Tonik is its clear label. Most red powder or green powder supplements use proprietary blends. Here, you cannot determine how much of each ingredient they use.

The problem is that no matter if they use the highest quality ingredients, they might not provide the intended benefits if they don’t come in the right doses.

You can analyze how much of each ingredient you get with a clear label to understand its benefits and pricing.


  • 13 powerful ingredients (4gms Beets!)
  • Clear label (no proprietary blends)
  • Vegan-friendly with no soy, caffeine, or dairy products
  • Made in US GMP-certified facilities
  • Third-party testing
  • Has a one-year money-back guarantee
  • Has bulk savings


  • Doesn’t have a travel size
  • Only one flavor is available

What Is Organifi Red Juice?


Organifi Red Juice is another red powder supplement made with 13 organic ingredients. The ingredients can help boost your energy, reduce inflammation, and decrease the risk of chronic illnesses.

Just like Red Tonik, Organifi also offers a green powder supplement. So, if you want to get the best of both worlds (green and red), opt for their Organifi Green Juice


  • Made with 13 organic ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Comes in travel packets
  • Offers bulk savings
  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Has proprietary blends
  • Only one flavor is available
  • Some ingredients might be underdosed

Organifi Red vs Red Tonik: Benefits

The benefits of red powder supplements rely on the ingredients each brand uses. Thanks to their antioxidant content, they can significantly improve overall health.

But, besides that? What are other benefits you can get from taking each supplement?

Red Tonik

Thanks to its 13 powerful ingredients, Red Tonik can provide the following benefits:

  • Boost performance
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Increase the production of nitric oxide
  • Have better exercise recovery
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Boost energy levels

Organifi Red

Organifi Red also has 13 ingredients, but they differ from those in Red Tonik. The benefits you can get from Organifi Red are:

  • Increases energy levels
  • Boosts performance
  • Improves recovery
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Boosts the immune system

Organifi Red vs Red Tonik: Ingredients

While they might have some similarities, each formula has different ingredients. As a result, you get different benefits and results.

But before we continue discussing the ingredients, remember that the only one with a clear label is Red Tonik. Organifi Red has proprietary blends, meaning we cannot fully determine how much each ingredient is used.

Red Tonik

Red tonik label March 2023
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Red Tonik offers 13 powerful ingredients: beetroot, Cordyceps mycelium extract, cranberry fruit extract, turmeric root extract, tart cherry fruit powder, pomegranate fruit, goji fruit, grape seed extract, trans-resveratrol, blueberry fruit, raspberry fruit, strawberry fruit, and ginger root extract.

Most of the ingredients in the Red Tonik formula are powerful antioxidants. Ingredients like cranberry, turmeric, pomegranate, goji fruit, grape seed, trans-resveratrol, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry can help reduce inflammation and the risk of chronic illnesses.

On top of that, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants can also help improve post-exercise recovery.

An ingredient that is worth standing out is beetroot powder.

Beetroot powder seems to help provide several benefits by increasing nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide can help widen blood vessels, significantly reducing blood pressure and improving performance. (Source)

In a study, it seemed that cyclists who consumed beet juice increased their oxygenation levels, which resulted in an increase in efficiency and reduced time to exhaustion. (Source)

Another ingredient that can help improve performance is tart cherry juice. It seems that it can promote a good night’s sleep thanks to its melatonin and tryptophan content. But in addition, research shows it can also reduce muscle soreness. (Source)

Finally, ginger root is a potent spice with significant health properties. Besides helping reduce inflammation (thanks to its antioxidant properties), it seems it can also help reduce digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and nausea. (Source)

“Refreshing cranberry tasting drink”

Yummy, lovely refreshing cranberry tasting drink, that I know is packed full of antioxidants

Joanne, UK (March 2023)

Organifi Red

There are 13 organic ingredients in Organifi Red. They are divided into three blends:

  • Antioxidant blend: pomegranate juice powder, cranberry powder, blueberry powder, raspberry powder, and strawberry powder.
  • Endurance blend: red beet powder, Cordyceps mushrooms extract, and Reishi mushroom extract.
  • Energy blend: lemon powder, acai powder, Rhodiola powder, and Siberian ginseng powder.

As you can see, there are similar ingredients between Organifi Red vs Red Tonik.

But, some ingredients are worth analyzing, like Reishi mushroom, Rhodiola extract, and ginseng.

Like in the Red Tonik formula, in Organifi Red, you can find Cordyceps, but it is not the only mushroom in the formula. On top of that, you get Reishi mushroom.

Cordyceps is a mushroom that seems to have a positive effect on performance. Evidence suggests that consuming Cordyceps can significantly increase oxygenation, meaning you can have greater endurance. (Source)

Regarding Reishi mushrooms, they seem to enhance the immune system and help improve mood and fight fatigue. So, it is a way to boost your energy levels without relying on caffeine. (Source)

Rhodiola and ginseng are other powerful components that can help decrease fatigue and increase alertness.

Before we talk about taste, we need to address the ingredient’s dosage in Organifi.

It is challenging to determine how much of each ingredient they use since they use proprietary blends. But, based on the recommended dosage for some ingredients, we can determine if they are underdosed.

The recommended dosage for Cordyceps is 1,000 to 3,000 mg. The recommended dosage for Reishi is 1,400 to 5,200 mg. And, the recommended dosage for beetroot is around 3 to 6 grams. (Source)(Source)(Source)

The endurance blend, made up of beetroot powder, Cordyceps, and reishi mushrooms, weighs 2,200 mg.

But, if you need a minimum of 1,000 mg for Cordyceps, 1,400 mg for Reishi, and 3,000 mg for beetroot powder, the endurance blend should weigh at least 5,400 mg, while in reality, it weighs almost half of that (2,200 mg).

With that said, some of the ingredients in Organifi Red are likely underdosed.

Casey Willax Ambassador
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Organifi Red vs Red Tonik: Taste

Red powder supplements are often considered a treat. Their delicious taste means you look forward to taking the supplement.

However, the taste is very subjective.

While some people love the taste of red powder supplements, others simply hate it.

Let’s see what people are saying about the taste of each supplement.

Red Tonik

Red Tonik offers a sweet cranberry taste.

Most people like the flavor of the supplement, but for those who don’t, you can always mask it with some fruit juice or orange juice.

Here are some of the reviews left by some customers.

Yummy, lovely refreshing cranberry tasting drink, that I know is packed full of antioxidants.

Joanne, UK

Love it. So good. Makes a nice energy boost in the afternoon.

Joe, USA

I look forward to drinking this every day. Very refreshing and tasty!”


Organifi Red

Organifi Red has a slight cherry and beet flavor.

Not everyone like the taste of beets, but it seems very subtle. Still, there are no complaints regarding its flavor.

Great taste! I use this with the greens mixed in water and drink it while working out. Great energy!”


The first time I drank this it tasted pretty beety, but now it taste like cherry coolaid and is so yummy. I like it strong so I only use 8oz water.

“Tastes great and noticed more energy”

I have never used a reds powder before but within a few days of taking Red Tonik I was hooked! Tastes great and noticed more energy within a few hours. Waiting for the new stock to arrive… hurry guys!

Alan, USA (March 2023)

Organifi Red vs Red Tonik: Cost

Red powder supplements might not be as expensive as green powders. However, with a high-quality formula, it means you are not going to get a cheap product.

After all, you get what you pay for.

There is a slight difference between Organifi Red and Red Tonik. If you make a one-time purchase, Red Tonik is slightly more expensive. But remember that it comes with clinically proven doses, unlike Organifi Red.

And, if you want to save money, you can buy in bulk.

Red Tonik

One bottle of Red Tonik has a price of $77 ($2.57 per serving).

However, there are massive savings if you buy in bulk without entering a subscription service.

So, if you purchase three bottles, you pay $2.20 per serving size or $1.87 per serving if you buy six bottles.

On top of that, you also get free shipping on orders above $99 and a 365-day money-back guarantee.

Organifi Red

One bottle of Organifi Red costs $69.95, meaning you pay $2.33 per serving.

But, if you enter their monthly subscription, you can save 10% and get free shipping. So, you pay $2.33 per serving instead of $2.10 per serving.

And, if you prepay for three shipments, you get an additional 10% off, bringing the serving price down to $1.87.

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Organifi Red vs Red Tonik: Side Effects

Overall, red powder supplements are safe to take. But, like any other supplement, you might still get side effects even though they are well-tolerated.

The most likely symptoms you might experience are digestive issues. When taking a red powder supplement, pay attention to any unexpected bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, or gas.

If it happens, reduce the dosage by half until your body tolerates the supplement.

Also, as seen throughout the article, beetroot powder can decrease blood pressure. So, people with pre-existing hypotension should be careful when taking the supplement. Consult a doctor to check if the supplement won’t cause any negative effects.

Why Choose Red Tonik

Red tonik and berries on table
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Regarding the best red powder supplement between Organifi Red vs Red Tonik, there is a clear winner: Red Tonik.

Red Tonik has a fully transparent label meaning you know what ingredients and doses you are getting. So,  you know you are getting high-quality ingredients that come in the correct doses.

And, while the price of Red Tonik is not low, it is fairly priced. After all, you get 4g of beets, a clear label, and a delicious taste, and it is one of the few companies offering a 365-day money-back guarantee.

But, if you are still dubious about the price, remember that bulk savings can significantly reduce the price without committing to a monthly subscription.

Brenda Peralta

Brenda Peralta is an experienced Registered Dietitian (RDN) and Certified Diabetes Education (CDE). She is a freelance health and nutrition writer based in San Jose, Costa Rica. She has several certifications in sports nutrition, women’s health hormones, and gut health. 

She enjoys teaching her clients how to achieve sustainable results, all through nutritional education. 

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