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Supplements For Smoothies: Supercharge Your Smoothies

With summer in full force, cool and refreshing meal options are a top pick for most. However, with big summer plans comes a need for grab-and-go options; enter smoothies. 

Key Takeaways

  • Superfood powders can fill nutritional gaps and increase the vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content of your smoothie.
  • The type of supplement you add depends on your health goals and smoothie preferences. Common supplements include protein powders, collagen powders, and superfood powders.
  • While adding supplements for smoothies is not mandatory, they can help fill nutritional gaps. As long as your smoothie is well-balanced, it’s perfectly fine to have one every day.

Smoothies are the perfect summer meal on the go. Not only are they nutritious, refreshing, and versatile, but they are also ideal for taking on the run when heading to all your summer plans.

Smoothies can be an optimal way to boost nutrition while maintaining those summer vibes with fun fruit flavors. However, many people don’t know how to build a proper smoothie to get the most out of their frozen treat.

While you can make a delightfully balanced beverage with just a handful of ingredients, you can give yourself an easy health boost by considering a dietary supplement that gives you a little more bang for your buck.

Not sure how to choose healthy supplements for your smoothies? Read on to find out the benefits of adding supplements to smoothies as well as the best ones to add as recommended by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

What Supplements Should You Add To Your Smoothies?

The type of supplement you choose for your smoothies will vary based on your individual health goals and your preferences for smoothie ingredients.

For example, some common supplements for smoothies include protein powders, collagen powders, and superfood powders. If your favorite smoothie consists of Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and hemp seeds, you may not need to bother adding a protein supplement to it.

On the flip side, if the only smoothie you like contains Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and hemp seeds, you may consider a superfood supplement to help add variety and nutrients to your diet that you are missing from food alone.

Superfoods on white table

Why Should You Add Superfoods To Your Smoothies?

While these supplemental ingredients can also be added to smoothies in the form of whole foods, there are many benefits to choosing supplements for convenience and balance. These supplements can help to make your smoothie more nutritious and filling.

For example, If you make a smoothie that is a mixture of fruits, vegetables, and coconut water, and you want it to be a meal replacement for breakfast it is lacking one significantly important macronutrient, protein.

For this, you can add protein powders or collagen powders to make your smoothie more well-rounded and filling so that it works well as a meal and doesn’t have you reaching for snacks within the next hour.

Likewise, those following a vegan diet may be challenged with getting adequate protein during their meals and in their smoothie. For this reason, adding a vegan-friendly protein powder, such as pea protein, can help to boost overall protein intake while also making that smoothie a lot more satisfying.

Additionally, adding a superfood powder to your smoothie can help to fill in nutritional gaps while also making it easier and more convenient to maximize the vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant content of your beverage.

8 Best Superfoods For Smoothies To Keep You Healthy And Energized

Whether you are looking to boost your superfood intake with foods or supplements, below are some of the top superfoods you can add to smoothies to boost energy and vitality.

1. Acai Berries

Acai berries are an exotic fruit native to the rainforests of Central and South America. They are rich in antioxidants, healthy fats, and fiber however, they aren’t available fresh outside of where they are naturally grown. Because of this, they are mainly found in frozen, juiced, or powdered form.

Acai’s main health benefits come from anthocyanins, the plant compound responsible for its deep purple color.

Anthocyanins act as antioxidants in the body, protecting against damaging free radicals associated with many chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. (Source)

2. Spirulina

Spirulina is an algae rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It can be found growing in both fresh and saltwater areas and has a blue-green hue.

Spirulina is rich in protein and low in calories and carbohydrates. Additionally, it is a good source of copper, magnesium, potassium, and manganese and provides a small dose of both omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. (Source)(Source)

Spirulina contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Some studies have also found that it may help to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. (Source)(Source)

3. Hemp Protein

Hemp seeds are seeds from the hemp plant, which is the same species as Cannabis but a different variety.

They provide high-quality vegan protein and are also rich in fiber and healthy fats. Because of this, they are a great additive to smoothies as they can help with satiety. Hemp seeds are also easily digestible compared to other plant proteins. (Source)(Source)

Matcha powder and chasaku bamboo spoon

4. Matcha Powder

Matcha is a variety of green tea praised for its high antioxidant content.

Consuming Matcha regularly can help to boost your overall antioxidant intake which can reduce your risk of cell damage associated with various chronic diseases. (Source)

5. Cacao

Cacao is the product of crushing cacao beans and removing the fat, leaving a rich powder popular for its role in chocolate.

Cacao is rich in polyphenols and is believed to provide numerous health benefits ranging from reduced inflammation, improved circulation, improved cholesterol levels, and improved blood sugar levels. (Source)

Because it can help to improve blood flow, some studies suggest cacao may help improve brain function, including improving mental performance in those with and without mental impairments. (Source)

6. Collagen

Collagen is a protein found in our connective tissue, skin, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. As we age, we produce less collagen which can result in sagging and wrinkle-prone skin and stiff joints.

Many research studies have found that taking supplemental collagen powder can help to reduce the physical signs of ageing on our skin while also improving joint pain. (Source)(Source)(Source)

7. Turmeric

Turmeric is a popular spice in Indian cuisine. It is what gives curry its rich yellow color. Turmeric is rich in curcuminoids, specifically curcumin which has been found to contain rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

While the benefits of curcumin from turmeric are strong, most research studies support the use of supplements as it can be difficult to get adequate amounts from consuming turmeric.

If choosing a supplement for your smoothie that has turmeric or curcumin, be sure to choose one that also includes black pepper extract or piperine as this is needed for the body to be able to absorb curcumin properly. (Source)(Source)

8. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds, also known as linseeds, are tiny seeds rich in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids.

They are mild in flavor and easy to add to smoothies and other foods. Flaxseeds are also a rich source of the B vitamin Thiamine, which is an essential vitamin for energy metabolism. (Source)

Flaxseeds are also rich in lignans, which are compounds believed to help fight off cancer. (Source)

Our Top Favorite Smoothie Powders You Can Buy

Human Tonik Supergreen Tonik

If you are looking for an all-around superfood powder to add to your smoothies, Human Tonik’s Supergreen Tonik will give you the most bang for your buck.

This superfood powder contains 28 plant-based superfoods, adaptogens, and nutrients for better energy, immunity, focus, and overall health including some of the above superfood ingredients such as spirulina.

Supergreen Tonik is third-party tested, made in the USA, and vegan-friendly.

They provide transparent labeling for their ingredient blends instead of using proprietary blends like many other supplement brands. This allows you to see exactly what and how much of each ingredient you are getting in their products.

Many consumers report enjoying the taste and the easy nutritional boost with Supergreen Tonik. Simply add the powder to your smoothie or mix into water if you are low on time.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Vital Proteins Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides is a fan favorite for collagen powder. It mixes easily into liquids and there are many different flavor options to choose from, including chocolate, vanilla, lemon, and unflavored varieties.

One serving of Vital Proteins contains 20 grams of grass-fed collagen peptides, 18 grams of protein, and only 70-80 calories depending on the flavor. It is free of artificial sweeteners, dairy, and gluten.

It’s an easy way to boost collagen and protein in smoothies in one go and some products also include hyaluronic acid to help further provide your skin with a youthful glow.

Naked Nutrition Naked Whey Protein Powder

If you are just looking to boost protein intake, particularly post-exercise, a simple protein powder such as Naked Nutrition’s Naked Whey protein is a great option.

One serving provides 25 grams of grass-fed protein with only 120 calories, no added sugar, and 3 grams of carbs.

It comes in chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored varieties to easily mix into any smoothie combination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Add Supplements To Smoothies?

You are not required to add any supplements to your smoothies however, they can be helpful for filling nutritional gaps.

For example, if your smoothie is the only part of your day where you get in some fruits and veggies, adding in a superfood powder can help to boost your overall vitamin and mineral intake.

Are Smoothies Healthy To Drink Everyday?

As long as the smoothie you prepared is well-balanced, it’s perfectly acceptable to enjoy a smoothie daily.

A well-balanced smoothie contains a small portion of fruit, a larger portion of veggies, and a source of protein and/or healthy fats.

It is encouraged to mix up your smoothie ingredients to help add variety to your diet instead of having the same smoothie every day but it won’t hurt you.

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Are Superfood Smoothies Good For You?

Superfood smoothies are smoothies that contain superfood ingredients, such as the ones listed above, or superfood powders.

These ingredients/powders contain high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support overall health and are encouraged for a balanced diet.

Can You Mix Powders In Smoothies?

Powders are easy to mix into smoothies as well as many other food and beverages.

In fact, powders are one of the most versatile forms of supplements and one of the most popular for adding to smoothies because of the convenience.

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