Athletic Greens Alternatives

Athletic Greens (AG1) are among the most popular green powder supplements. It has high-quality ingredients, and several well-renowned names in the health industry sponsor them. However, its proprietary blend and price might be unappealing to some people. In this article, we’ll go over five of the best Athletic Greens alternatives.

Key Takeaways

  • Athletic Greens is a high-quality green powder supplement with 75 ingredients. But, its proprietary blends and high price means there are other better alternatives
  • The best alternatives to Athletic Greens are: Supergreen Tonik, Green Vibrance, Organifi Green Juice, Bulletproof Greens, and Amazing Grass Greens Blends
  • The best choice to replace Athletic Greens is Supergreen Tonik. It has a fully transparent label, it is cost-effective, comes in two flavors, and contains clinically proven ingredients

If you find reaching your daily vegetable intake challenging, a scoop of Athletic Greens might be just the perfect way to boost your nutrient intake.

While they won’t completely replace fresh fruits and vegetables, their accessibility and easy-to-use method make them appealing.

Athletic Greens is a popular green supplement brand. In fact, they are among my top three recommended best green powders.

However, their use of proprietary blends makes me unable to fully analyze their label. And, the lack of clarity is something I dislike in supplements.

On top of that, it is one of the higher-priced supplements, meaning it might not be accessible to everyone.

After a thorough investigation, I’ve concluded that the top five alternatives to Athletic Greens are: Supergreen Tonik, Green Vibrance, Organifi Green Juice, Bulletproof Greens, and Amazing Grass Greens Blends.

Here, we’ll understand the differences between each green powder supplement so you can decide with is the best alternative to Athletic Greens.


What Are Athletic Greens?

Athletic Greens (AG1) is a green powder supplement that contains 75 powerful ingredients. You get different vitamins, minerals, superfoods, and other ingredients in one scoop to improve overall wellness.

Thanks to its blend of ingredients, it is supported by several athletes and health advisors like Dr. Andrew Huberman, Lewis Hamilton, and Robin Arzón.

While Athletic Greens is not approved by the FDA (no green powder supplements are), they have high-quality standard certifications. In fact, they are NSF Good Manufacturing Processes certified. They are also NSF Certified for Sports.

As mentioned before, there are several ingredients in Athletic Greens, but overall they have greens, herbs, fruits, adaptogens, prebiotics, and probiotics.

So, like most health benefits from green supplements, Athletic Greens can also help reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and improve digestion.

Athletic Greens does seem like a complete formula. However, as mentioned before, some things make you wonder if this green powder supplement is the best option.

For example, Athletic Greens claim you get ALL your nutrients in one scoop. Nonetheless, you seem unlikely to get all the nutrients you need in a 12 mg serving size.

“Replaced my AG1 subscription!”

Love that with Tonik you know exactly what you are getting; not the proprietary blend…Our family took Athletic Greens for a few years; but always wondered, ” Is the product really good or are they really good at marketing?” We decided it was the marketing and switched to Tonik.

Leah, USA (February 2023)

Reaching the recommended dosage for each of the 75 ingredients in a small serving size might be challenging. And, since it has proprietary blends, we cannot fully determine if they use the correct doses for each ingredient.

It’s worth mentioning is that Athletic Greens only come in one flavor (pineapple). So, if you don’t like the flavor, there is no other option for you to choose from.

Finally, Athletic Greens is an expensive supplement. There are ways to save money, like buying in bulk or subscribing to their monthly program.

But, the minimum you’ll pay per serving is $2.48, and that is if you purchase a 60-serving bottle shipped every month.

With that said, there are other alternatives to Athletic Greens that might offer a clear label, a fair price, or variety in their flavors.

Best Athletic Greens Alternatives

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best green powder alternative. But, overall, there must be an improvement in the formula, price, flavor, or benefits.

Here, I’ll go over the top three alternatives to Athletic Greens.

We’ll look closer at Supergreen Tonik, Green Vibrance, Organifi Greens, Bulletproof Greens, and Amazing Grass Greens Blend.

1. Supergreen Tonik

Holding supergreen tonik
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Supergreen Tonik is a green powder supplement that can help improve energy, cognitive function, and the immune system.

The founder, Adam Wright, created the supplement to help decrease the symptoms of chronic fatigue. After years of dealing with exhausting symptoms, in 2019, he created the perfect formula to aid with this condition.

One of the biggest benefits of Supergreen Tonik is its clear label. They don’t use proprietary blends. You know exactly how much of each ingredient you are getting. This makes it easier to analyze and determine if they use the correct doses (which they do).

But besides its clear label, there are other benefits to Supergreen Tonik. It has a one-year guarantee.

That is right. 

If you don’t like the supplement, you have a full year to request a refund.

And, on top of that, you have two flavors to pick from. If you like a refreshing drink, you can choose the mint flavored. But if you like a sweeter drink, the berry option is the best choice.

Supergreen Tonik ingredients + icons
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There are 38 ingredients in the Supergreen Tonik formula. And, the best part is that they come in the right doses. 

Supergreen Tonik has three blends of ingredients:

Thus, the formula can boost the immune system, increase your energy levels, help you get better sleep, and reduce stress levels.

Thanks to its different nootropics (ashwagandha, Rhodiola, L-theanine, ginkgo, and bocapa herb extract), it offers improved cognitive function.

It truly has a unique formula like no other green powder supplement. 


Another benefit of Supergreen Tonik is its price. It has a fair price considering it uses high-quality ingredients in an adequate serving size.

The lowest you’ll pay in Supergreen Tonik is $2.07 per serving (6-month supply). Remember, the lowest in Athletic Greens is $2.48.

So, you can save $0.41 per serving by switching to Supergreen Tonik.


  • Vegan-friendly formula with 38 greens, adaptogens, vitamins and minerals
  • Has a clear label (doesn’t use proprietary blends).
  • Contains clinically proven doses.
  • Manufactured in the US with third-party testing.
  • Made in GMP-certified facilities.
  • Two flavors are available (berry and mint).
  • Offers a 365 money-back guarantee.


  • Only available online.
  • Doesn’t have a travel size.
“Works better than AG1 for less$$”

I’ve found out about human tonik by using Athletic Greens for a while, but not seeing much of the benefits so I decided to give this product a try. I definitely noticed positive results like feeling more energetic and my digestive issues are starting to slowly improve.

Aga, USA (March 2023)

2. Green Vibrance


The second best alternative to Athletic Greens is Green Vibrance.

Green Vibrance is a green powder supplement with more than 60 ingredients. In a scoop, you get different cereals, fruits, vegetables, adaptogens, fiber, enzymes, and probiotics.

Thanks to its blend of ingredients, Green Vibrance can help reduce inflammation, improve digestion, support gut health, and improve cognitive function.


As previously mentioned, there are over 60 ingredients in the Green Vibrance Formula.

But, like Athletic Greens, more doesn’t necessarily mean it is better, especially since it has a small serving size.

Too many ingredients and a small serving size typically mean you can find certain ingredients with low doses. And, since Green Vibrance has a clear label, you can check this out.

Based on my research, Green Vibrance seems to contain some ingredients in low doses.

So, no matter if it contains several ingredients from the best sources, if they are underdosed, they might not provide the intended benefits.

With that said, it is still worth mentioning that there are ten blends in the Green Vibrance formula.

  • Cereal grasses
  • Plant-based micronutrition
  • Immune support
  • Antioxidants
  • Adaptogens
  • Fiber
  • Liver support
  • Skeletal support
  • Enzymes and tonics
  • Probiotics


Green Vibrance offers several bulk savings. The cheapest alternative would be purchasing an 83-day supply which costs $100. This means one serving size costs $1.20. 

Compared to Athletic Greens ($2.48 per serving), you can save $1.28 per serving if you switch to Green Vibrance. 


  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Uses non-GMO ingredients.
  • Fully transparent label.
  • Gluten-free and soy-free.
  • Offers bulk savings.
  • Contains organic ingredients.


  • Has a small serving size.
  • Some ingredients are underdosed.
  • Only one flavor is available (vanilla).
  • Several customer reviews state the supplement doesn’t have the best taste.
  • Only offers two adaptogens.
“Getting my daily energy dose from SuperGreen Tonik”

I’m getting my daily energy dose from SuperGreen Tonik and It helped me improve my sleep/ recovery. it’s simply delicious!

Max Filippov, USA (February 2023)

3. Organifi Green Juice

Organifi Green Juice Tub

The third option to replace Athletic Greens is Organifi Green Juice.

Organifi Green Juice is a green powder supplement made with 11 ingredients. While it might seem like a short list of ingredients, they can help reduce inflammation, decrease the risk of chronic illness, and remove toxins from the body.

The supplement comes in two different flavors, offering some variety. Just like Supergreen Tonik, it has a refreshing option (mint), or a sweet option, which is apple crisp.


The 11 ingredients found in Organifi Green Juice are mostly greens and superfoods. 

One thing to keep in mind about Organifi is its matcha content. While matcha doesn’t have a lot of caffeine, it can contain some. (Source)

For some people, this might be a way to boost energy, but if you are sensitive to caffeine, you need to be careful when you include it.

For example, adding it late in the evening might produce sleep problems for some people.

Finally, the ingredients in the formula are all organic. But, remember that the formula has proprietary blends. This means we cannot fully determine how much of each ingredient it has.

And, as mentioned before, no matter if the ingredients come from the best sources, they won’t provide the intended effects if it doesn’t provide the right doses.



Regarding the price, one serving of Organifi Green Juice costs $2.10 (if you opt for the subscription package).

Still, it is a slightly cheaper alternative than Athletic Greens since you can save $0.38 per serving


  • Has USDA-certified ingredients.
  • Two flavors are available (crips apple and mint).
  • Uses non-GMO ingredients.
  • It’s gluten-free.
  • Third-party testing.
  • Has monk fruit instead of stevia.
  • Offers subscription savings.


  • Uses proprietary blends.
  • Has a short list of ingredients.
  • Only contains 2 adaptogens.
  • No nootropics.
  • Small serving size.
“Game Changer”

I have taken Human Tonik Super Green for almost 2 months now. I sleep deep, have been through Flu/Cold bugs in my house which missed me. Energy Level is higher, which has motivated me to be more active.

Doug Morash, USA (February 2023)

4. Bulletproof Greens

Bulletproof Greens Tub

The fourth replacement for Athletic Greens is Bulletproof Greens.

Bulletproof Greens has 35 ingredients made with different fruits, vegetables, nootropics, superfoods, mushrooms, digestive aids, vitamins, and minerals.

This green supplement can help improve digestion, boost energy levels, improve brain function, and reduce inflammation.

Bulletproof Greens only come in one flavor, which is pineapple.


There are 35 ingredients in Bulletproof Greens divided into 4 blends.

  • Vegetables and fruits (all organic): spinach, kale, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, cabbage, kelp, cucumber, limes, lemons, blueberries, and strawberries.
  • Superfoods and mushroom complex: spirulina, chlorella, green tea extract, acai berry, acerola cherry extract, Lion’s mane, and Cordyceps extract.
  • Nootropics: citicoline and Panax ginseng.
  • Digestive aids: B. coagulans, amylase, protease, alpha-galactosidase, glucoamylase, lactase, invertase, acid maltase, and peptidase.

Like most green powder supplements, Bulletproof Greens uses proprietary blends, meaning you cannot determine how much of each ingredient they use. 

But, some of the ingredients might be underdosed.

For example, the superfoods and mushroom complex have a total weight of 1,570 mg.

However, according to Examine.com, Lion’s mane and cordyceps should have a minimum of 1,000 mg each to be effective. (Source)(Source)

This makes you wonder what other ingredients might be underdosed.

Bulletproof Greens label


The lowest price you can pay for Bulletproof Greens is $1.33 per serving. But, only if you enter their monthly subscription program. 

Still, you can save $1.15 per serving by switching to Bulletproof Greens. 


  • Has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It has a travel size.
  • Offers non-GMO ingredients.
  • Fruits and vegetables are organic.


  • Has proprietary blends.
  • Small serving size.
  • Ingredients might be underdosed.
  • Only 2 nootropics.
  • Only one flavor is available.
“Perfect greens supplement to support my daily health and training needs”

I use Human Tonik greens to ensure I get my daily veggies in my diet but as a powerlifter to support my heavy training needs. It tastes pretty good too!

Luke, UK (March 2023)

5. Amazing Grass Greens Blend

Amazing Grass Greens Blend

The final product that can replace Athletic Greens is Amazing Grass Greens Blend. 

The formula contains 25 ingredients, is gluten-free, and is non-GMO. It can help improve digestion, decrease inflammation, boost energy levels, and support the immune system.

One of the biggest benefits of Amazing Grass Greens is that there are three flavors for you to choose from: original, berry, and chocolate.


There are 25 ingredients in the formula, which you can find divided into 4 groups:

  • Green food blend: wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, and broccoli. 
  • Antioxidant blend: rose hips, pineapple, carrot, acerola, green tea leaf extract, acai berry, beetroot, raspberry, and maca root.
  • EFA fiber blend: flax seed and apple pectin.
  • Pre and probiotic blend: FOS, amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, cellulase, and L. acidophilus.

Since Amazing Grass Greens also uses proprietary blends, it is unclear how much of each product they use.

However, the serving size is small (8g), so there is a possibility some of the ingredients might be underdosed. 

Amazing Grass Greens Blend Label


The lowest price you can pay in Amazing Grass Greens is $0.90 per serving. However, this is if you purchase the 100-serving container and purchase more than 3 bottles.

But, it is still a cheaper alternative than Athletic Greens since you can save $1.58 per serving if you switch to this alternative.


  • Made with organic ingredients.
  • Offers non-GMO ingredients.
  • Third-party testing.
  • No added sugars.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • Offers variety in flavors (original, berry, and chocolate).
  • Has travel-size packets.


  • Uses proprietary blends.
  • Has a limited number of ingredients.
  • Uses stevia.
  • Small serving size.
“Finally found one that has great taste!”

After trying many green powders I finally found one that has great taste while having a solid nutritional profile. I’m a big fan of nootropics and it was great to see that Supergreen Tonic added them to their formula. I would give Supergreen Tonik 6 stars if I could!

Daniel, USA (February 2023)


Is Athletic Greens Legit?

Yes, Athletic Greens is a legit green powder supplement. It was created in 2009, and several athletes and well-known people from the health industry, like Dr. Andrew Huberman, support it. 

Is Athletic Greens FDA Approved?

No, Athletic Greens is not approved by the FDA. But keep in mind that the FDA approves no other green powder supplement since they don’t regulate dietary supplements.

What Is Closest To Athletic Greens?

The best alternative to Athletic Greens is Supergreen Tonik. It offers 38 ingredients, with scientifically proven ingredients and doses. On top of that, it offers two different flavors, and it is a cost-effective alternative.

Why Do Athletic Greens Use Proprietary Blends?

Athletic Greens might use proprietary blends to protect their formulation. This allows people to create a similar product. But, they might also hide the fact that some of the ingredients might be underdosed.

Will The Probiotics In Athletic Greens Work?

The probiotics in Athletic Greens might work. However, we don’t know how many of the bacteria are alive once you ingest the supplement.

And, it is possible the bacteria might interact with some of the ingredients in the formula, creating an unstable probiotic formula.

So, since there is currently no research on how probiotics interact with green powders, it is still unclear if they work and to what effect.

Can Athletic Greens Go Bad?

Like any other greens supplement, Athletic Greens has an expiration date. Typically, it can last almost two years from the manufacturing process. 

But it all depends on how you store and preserve the green powder

Why Does Athletic Greens Have A Lead Warning?

Proposition 65 is a requirement for over 900 products based on California law. It requests companies to tell consumers if their product contains or might have been exposed to one or more chemicals from the State’s list.

However, this doesn’t mean the product is dangerous. It is still safe to take. 

Why Do So Many Health And Entrepreneur Podcasters Promote Athletic Greens?

There are several reasons why health advisors can promote a product. The first one is they truly believe in the formula. But, in some other cases, it might be due to personal gain. While it is not always the case, some advisors might be a commission, paid promotions, or investors in the company.

What Does Athletic Greens Taste Like?

Athletic Greens have a pineapple flavor. While most people enjoy its taste, several customer reviews state it still tastes too “earthy.”

Does Athletic Green Use Stevia?

Athletic Greens uses stevia to sweeten its product. This is probably because stevia can reduce the bitterness of green powders. But, some companies like Organifi use monk fruit instead of stevia.

Pouring Supergreen Tonik into glass
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Why Is Supergreen Tonik The Perfect Option?

So, what is the best alternative to Athletic Greens?

There is no doubt why Supergreen Tonik is the clear winner.

With Supergreen Tonik, thanks to its clear label, you know exactly what you are receiving and how much of it. And, on top of that, you are getting high-quality ingredients with scientifically proven doses. 

Supergreen Tonik is the perfect way to boost your vegetable, vitamin, and mineral intake.

But, besides helping improve overall health, thanks to its immune-boosting blend and nootropics, it can also help improve cognitive function and support the immune system.

So, as you can see, Supergreen Tonik is a complete formula with a fair price.

Finally, what makes Supergreen Tonik the ultimate winner is its 365 money-back guarantee and its amazing flavor (either mint or berry).

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