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Best Time To Take Probiotics

Probiotics Digestion Capsule

Learn the best time to take probiotics for optimal gut health. Some experts recommend taking them in the morning, while others say night is best. Read on to find out which is right for you. Key Takeaways Probiotics can help…

Do Probiotics Help With Bloating And Gas?

Probiotics Help With Bloating

Digestive symptoms are common. Whether you have gas, bloating, or other GI issues, it can really affect your quality of life. Key Takeaways Probiotics can play a crucial role in improving gut health and minimizing digestive symptoms like gas and…

Dietitian’s Guide Super Greens Powder

Fresh Green Juice and Veggies
Dietitians recommend super greens powder for a nutrient-dense boost to your diet. This article explores the benefits of super greens powder, how to choose the right one, and how to add it to your routine.

How Quickly Does Turmeric Lower Blood Pressure?

Turmeric And Blood Pressure
Not just for spicing up a curry, turmeric has been linked with various health benefits too. It may even play a role in reducing blood pressure. Interested in finding out more about turmeric’s effect on blood pressure and how quickly it might take to work? Then keep reading.

Does Turmeric Break A Fast?

Turmeric powder and fresh root
Interested in trying out turmeric supplementation but unsure of whether it will affect your intermittent fasting? When it comes to supplements and fasting, there can often be confusion around what will or won’t break a fast. In this article we’ll take a look at when is the best time to take turmeric while intermittent fasting.

Is Stevia Bad For You?

Stevia and a Cup of Coffee
A plant-based zero-calorie sugar alternative - what’s the catch, right? Stevia is a popular sweetener that is commonly used to sweeten food and drinks and although it is considered safe for consumption, information relating to stevia use is mixed. Read on to find out more about stevia, and whether it’s really better for us than sugar or other sweeteners.

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