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Human Tonik health and wellness articles help you to become more nutritionally complete each day.

Can Ashwagandha Make You Sleepy?

Ashwagandha and Sleep
Uncover the truth about whether Ashwagandha make you sleepy. Get expert insights on this popular herb's effects on sleep and discover if it can help you sleep better or worsen your sleep quality.

Ashwagandha Benefits For Men

Ashwagandha powder in wooden bowl
Looking to boost your overall health and wellness as a man? Discover the numerous ashwagandha benefits for men, including improved stress levels, testosterone levels, and muscle growth.

Ashwagandha Benefits For Women

Ashwagandha superfood powder and root
Discover the amazing benefits of Ashwagandha for women's health. From stress relief to hormone balance and more, learn how this adaptogenic herb can improve your overall well-being. Read now!

Kale Vs Collard Greens

Kale and Collard Greens
When it comes to greens, kale and collard greens are usually at the top of the list of favorites. Whether you enjoy them cooked, creamed, steamed, or anything in between, these nutritious powerhouse plants are a great addition to your meals.

How Long Do Vitamins Stay In Your System

colorful pills mix
Vitamins are essential to the health and well-being of the human body. Also known as micronutrients, these organic compounds are required in small quantities however, they boast a significant impact on our health.

Multivitamins Vs Individual Vitamins

Multivitamins Vs Individual Vitamins
Struggling to choose between a multivitamin and individual vitamin supplements? There’s no doubt the vitamin aisle can be daunting, especially with such mixed advice out there. In this article we’ll help you to decide whether a multivitamin or individual vitamins might be more beneficial for you. And discuss how in some cases a greens powder may be better than either!

Dandelion Benefits Backed By Science

Dandelion White and Yellow
The dandelion - seen solely as a menace by many gardeners, there is more to this pesky lawn weed than one may think. Dandelion leaves are chock-full of vitamins and minerals and may be helpful for a variety of health issues.