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Tonik Insights: Health & Wellness Guides

Dive into comprehensive assessments of ingredients and dietary regimens crafted by our expert nutritionists in our Tonik Insights section.

Spirulina Powder Benefits

Spirulina powder in a bowl
Spriulina - you know what it is, you have seen it in stores and online. Now you might be wondering, what are the health benefits of this blue spirulina powder? Keep reading to go through some of the evidence based research on spirulina and its possible health benefits.

What Is Spirulina?

scoop of spirulina
Have you ever heard of spirulina before? Maybe you have seen it online, in the health foods store, or at a smoothie shop. What’s it all about? Is it good for me? Where does it come from? Keep reading to find out more about the bright-colored supplement and see where you could include it in your diet.

Best Greens Powder For Bloating

green powder in white ceramic bowl
Regular bloating can be an indicator that your gut might need some love. Greens powders can contribute to the maintenance of a healthy gut and may be helpful for those looking to combat bloating. Let’s look at the best greens powder and how they can play a role in supporting digestive health.

8 Best Greens Powder for 2024, According To A Dietitian

Best greens powders line-up

Powdered greens supplements are becoming a new healthy morning routine to boost vegetable intake. They promise to provide “nutritional insurance” when your diet is poor with beneficial ingredients, plant-based vegetables, adaptogens, sometimes mushrooms, and certain vitamins and minerals, However, how…

Ashwagandha and Weight Loss

Ashwagandha and Weight Loss
Ashwagandha is a traditional Indian herb with several potential health benefits. This popular adaptogen is usually associated with reducing stress and improving the quality of sleep. Here, we examine the connection between Ashwagandha and weight loss.

​​Red Kale vs Green Kale

Red Kale and Green Kale
Discover the differences between Red Kale vs Green Kale, from their appearance to nutritional value. Which one is the winner? Read on to find out more!

Does Chlorophyll Help With Bloating?

Wheatgrass juice with piece of pineapple on the plate
The popularity of chlorophyll has skyrocketed in recent years following viral online videos hailing the use of liquid chlorophyll as the cure to a long list of health benefits - including reducing bloating. In this article, we’ll explore whether upping your Chlorophyll help with bloating or whether it’s just another fad.

Monk Fruit vs Stevia

Monk Fruit vs Stevia
Monk fruit and stevia are both popular sugar alternatives that are commonly used to sweeten food and drinks. You may have come across them in the ingredients list of low sugar options in the supermarket. But what is the difference between monk fruit vs stevia? And should we be choosing one over the other? Let’s find out.

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