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Tonik Insights: Health & Wellness Guides

Welcome to our Human Tonik health and wellness articles. Dive into comprehensive assessments of ingredients and dietary regimens crafted by our expert nutritionists.

Beetroot Benefits For Women

Woman Holding Beetroot Plants
It's easy to overlook beetroot as boring. But did you know it has a unique selection of health benefits specifically for women? That's right, this humble root vegetable can improve everything from your hair to your heart, and much more in between. Read on to find out beetroots benefits for women.

Why Is My Poop Green After Drinking Greens?

toilet, brush and green poop
Our poop can be a pretty good indicator of our digestive health. We know what’s normal for us and when anything is abnormal it’s usually a sign that something might be up. So when your poop is suddenly green? There may be alarm bells ringing. However, green poop is not always cause for concern. In fact, if you’ve been loading up on green veggies or taking a greens powder - that’s likely the culprit!

Ashwagandha And Beetroot Together

Ashwagandha And Beetroot Together
Sometimes, instead of taking individual supplements, it’s better to combine multiple ingredients together for the best effects. And this is the case with ashwagandha and beetroot. Because each offers different but complimentary benefits. So when you put them together you get better outcomes, and can address multiple health concerns at the same time.

Do Mushrooms Have Protein?

Various Mushrooms
To find creative ways to replace meat, or to reduce the number of animal-based proteins in our diet, many consumers have opted for plant foods that provide a similar flavor and consistency, such as mushrooms, as an alternative. But do mushrooms have protein? And is the protein in mushrooms comparable to its meat counterpart?

Beetroot Benefits For Men

A Bunch of Organic Beets
Beetroot is well known for its superfood status. But, did you know that this colorful root vegetable also has specific benefits just for men? Aside from the regular health benefits that beetroot can bring, there are some unique advantages to upping your intake of beetroot as a man. Here we delve into what these are, and how you can get more beetroot benefits into your life.

Best Greens Powder For Athletes

Wooden bowl and spoon of green powder
When it comes to choosing supplements, athletes are advised to take extra care. After all, if taking a supplement poses a risk to your career, it’s necessary to be cautious. In this article, we discuss what to look out for when choosing a greens supplement as an athlete and how to minimize the risk of taking a product that may be contaminated.

Cordyceps benefits

Cordycep Flowers
Adaptogenic mushrooms are becoming a widely popular supplement in the United States, specifically cordyceps, a fungus that grows on the larvae of insects. Now, that doesn’t sound all that appealing so what are cordyceps good for and why might someone want to take a cordyceps supplement?

Beetroot Powder Benefits

Beetroot Powder in wooden spoon
Beetroot is a uniquely special superfood. It can offer you wide-ranging health benefits, and be a tasty addition to many meals. Here we reveal what the main benefits of beetroot power are, as well as how you can easily incorporate more of this colorful vegetable into your daily life.

Beetroot Side Effects

Beetroot on wooden chopping board
You might have heard that beetroot is a superfood. Its bright red color makes it hard to ignore. But does it have any side effects you need to be aware of? Here we explore this topic in more detail so you know exactly what you need to know about beetroot side effects.

What Is Beetroot?

Unrooted Beetroots in a Bucket
It’s easy to forget about the powerhouse of nutrition that is the humble beetroot - but we can really benefit from its unique qualities. Here we discuss what beetroot is, its benefits, and how you can get more of the good stuff.

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