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What Are Proprietary Blends?

Supplement labels
What are proprietary blends and why do so many supplement companies insist on using them? We reveal potentially why and three reasons why you should avoid them.

Benefits of Greens Powder

Green powders
Greens powder can be an excellent option for people on the run or too busy sometimes to get all the veggies they need. It acts as a safety net to ensure you get a healthy dose of vegetables every day, regardless of your lifestyle.

Heavy Metals in Greens Powder

Vegetables in the soil
Many greens powders can be contaminated by heavy metals, including highly poisonous metals such as lead and cadmium. Heavy metals are in the soil and in many vegetables and so we look at the safe levels of consumption, and what to look out for when taking a greens powder.

Greens Powder Gives You Flatulence?

Guy suffering from flatulence
Flatulence and bloating can sometimes occur after consuming a greens powder. The reasons could be related to the ingredients or an existing digestive issue. If flatulence does occur it is mostly temporary and goes away.

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